10 Reason Why Ford Bronco Is Better Than Jeep Wrangler

Is Ford Bronco A Better Alternative To The Jeep Wrangler?

The Ford Bronco roared back into the SUV market in 2020, reigniting the controversy over who was the ultimate off-road champ. While the Jeep Wrangler is famous, the Bronco impressed with tremendous off-road capabilities, creating heated fan discussions. Both SUVs have advantages and disadvantages, but today we’ll look at ten compelling reasons why the Ford Bronco outperforms the Jeep Wrangler.

1. The Bronco Looks staggering yet modern

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The Bronco stands out as the beacon of modern flair even though both embrace retro-modern elements. The differences in outward appearance become modest with a 2024 Wrangler redesign. The Heritage and Limited Editions, attract purchasers with their colorful colors and vintage wheels, paying homage to the vehicle’s heritage. The Bronco distinguishes itself from the Wrangler with its body-mounted mirrors, up to 18-inch wheels, and 37-inch tires, giving it a sporty presence and improved off-road capability.

2. Ford wins the argument of power with the Bronco


The Bronco enjoys an advantage when it comes to power. The Bronco offers a good price-to-power ratio and a range of engines. While the 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6 gives 315 horsepower, the 2.3-liter turbo inline-four provides 275 hp. The 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 in the Bronco Raptor has 418 horsepower. Wrangler, on the other hand, provides a powerful 6.2-liter V8, a 285-hp V6, and a 270-hp turbo inline-four. Although the Bronco doesn’t have a hybrid option, its powerful engines and affordability stand out.

VehicleFord BroncoJeep Wrangler
EngineTurbo Inline-4V6
Power275 hp (300 with Premium Fuel)285
Torque315 lb-ft (325 With Premium Fuel)260 lb-ft
Performance stats

3. The Ford Bronco has a higher tow-capacity

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The Bronco is superior in terms of towing ability. The Bronco has better hauling capability because of its greater torque. The 2.7-liter twin-turbo V6 and 2.3-liter turbo inline-four, it has a payload capacity of 1,370 lbs. and a towing capacity of 3,500 lbs. With a 4,500-pound towing capacity, the Bronco Raptor takes things up a level. With a loading capacity of 1,351 lbs. and a towing capability of 3,500 lbs., the Wrangler falls short. The Bronco stands out due to its advantage in towing.

4. Ford Bronco’s Off-Road equipment undermines the Wrangler’s equipment

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The Bronco holds the title for better off-road performance. When the Bronco made a comeback in 2021, a new competitor emerged to challenge the once-dominant Wrangler. With upgrades like the “Sasquatch Package,” the Bronco’s 11.5 inches of ground clearance surpasses that of the Wrangler’s 9.7 inches. A staggering 13.1 inches of clearance are offered by the Bronco Raptor, which goes even farther. In addition, the Bronco can ford water up to 37 inches, compared to 34 inches for the Wrangler. The Bronco’s off-road kit raises the standard when it comes to taming the wilderness.

5. The Bronco excels on the road as well

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The Bronco takes the lead in terms of driving dynamics. Unlike the Wrangler, the Bronco has car-like handling, because to its wider wheelbase, which contributes to improved stability and ride comfort. The rack-pinion steering of the Bronco enables lighter and more accurate handling, outperforming the Wrangler’s turning radius. Its independent suspension, electronic axles, and various dampers enable a more comfortable ride on and off the road. The Bronco’s powertrain, with up to 7 G.O.A.T modes, makes off-road exploring even easier. The Bronco provides a more balanced driving experience, making it an excellent alternative for daily trips.

6. The Ford Bronco has a more practical interior


The Bronco has more internal room once you go inside. Both the two-door and four-door models’ longer bodies offer roomy seating. The two-door variant has 99 cubic feet of room and seats four people. Rear seats provide 39.8 inches of headroom and 35.7 inches of legroom, while the front seats provide 43.1 inches of headroom. These proportions are extended in the four-door version, improving comfort. Despite being comparable, the Wrangler is inferior. The Bronco has the most room and is most comfortable because to its spacious cabin.

7. Great Practicality extends to the back too

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The Ford Bronco outshines the Wrangler in cargo capacity. Whether it’s the two-door or four-door model, the Bronco boasts impressive storage. Two-door offers 22.4 cu-ft standard, extending to 52.3 cu-ft with rear seats folded. Four-door offers 38.3 cu-ft (soft top) or 35.6 cu-ft (hard top), expanding to a massive 83 cu-ft when seats are down. Meanwhile, the Wrangler struggles to keep up, falling short in cargo space.

8. Safety and Assist Features are Abundant

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The Ford Bronco excels in terms of safety and driver assistance systems. It received a “Good” grade from the IIHS, outperforming the Jeep Wrangler’s mixed scores. Bronco has the CoPilot360 package as standard, as well as sophisticated features such as BLIS and adaptive cruise control. Meanwhile, the safety features of the Wrangler differ depending on trim level, with top versions lacking premium driver aid choices. The Broncos definitely win this safety battle.

9. The list of Features is Endless in the Bronco

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The Ford Bronco outperforms the Jeep Wrangler in terms of feature set. Even the entry-level version includes marine-grade vinyl seats, an 8-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth Android Auto, and 5 GOAT modes. Upper Bronco variants have a 12-inch touchscreen, B&O audio, 7 GOAT modes, leather seats, and more. The updated Wrangler, on the other hand, provides less, losing a bigger digital display, wireless charging, and key driver-assist functions. Buyers of the Bronco may also customize their vehicle with numerous extras, making it unique.

10. The Sasquatch Package Is A Game Changer

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The Bronco’s accessory and package adaptability sets it unique. Unlike the Wrangler, the Bronco has a wide range of customizing possibilities. The Sasquatch package, which is accessible even on the basic model, is revolutionary. Off-road upgrades include 17-inch wheels, 35-inch MT tires, and more. Furthermore, the mid-package emphasizes safety, comfort, and infotainment. The Lux option includes extras like heated seats and adaptive cruise control.

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