2023 Lucid Motors Air Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top-Speed, 0-60 Mph & Performance

Lucid Motors Air Specifications & Features

The 2023 Lucid Motors Air luxury car is one of the few EVs that have so far had a significant impact even though several entrepreneurs have launched EVs to disrupt the transportation business. It can give exceptional range and excellent performance thanks to its large battery and small motors, both of which were designed in-house. The EPA estimates that the Grand Touring Performance model’s driving range is 516 miles, and it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.6 seconds. With electrons left over, that’s enough range to travel from Boston to Baltimore. With a claimed pace of under 2.0 seconds to reach 60 mph, the new Sapphire model is even faster. The Air is desirable because of its sleek design and roomy cabin, but given its price, we had expected a more opulent interior.

What’s New?

The Stealth Look appearance package has been introduced by Lucid to the Air’s 2023 options list. With the $6000 package, the 20- or 21-inch high-polish wheels of the Air are swapped out for dark grey ones. And the external brightwork is also changed. All trims, excluding the base Pure trim, can have a blacked-out appearance. A new Sapphire performance model is now available, featuring a more potent three-motor system that is said to produce over 1200 horsepower. The Air is unmistakably designed to be a luxury vehicle, and its elegant cabin is furnished with opulent materials and cutting-edge technology. The spacious interior of the sedan, which is distinguished by a roomy back seat, is something that Lucid is especially proud of.

Lucid Motors Air Motor, Battery & Performance

The base-model Air has a lone electric motor that generates 480 horsepower and drives the rear wheels. AWD and a range of horsepower ratings are provided by dual electric motors in other models. The Grand Touring variant produces 1050 horsepower, compared to the Touring model’s 620. Grand Touring and Grand Touring Performance trims were tested, and the former produced a quick 3.0-second time from 0 to 60 mph, a feat that can be readily duplicated by employing the car’s launch mode. The Touring variant, which was less expensive and had less power, reached 60 mph in exactly 3.0 seconds. The Touring’s lack of horsepower is more apparent when it approaches 130 mph, which it reached in 12.0 seconds as opposed to 10.3 for the Grand Touring.

  • 2023 Lucid Motors Air
  • 2023 Lucid Motors Air
  • 2023 Lucid Motors Air

The sedan seemed peaceful and smooth in the aptly called Smooth drive mode, despite riding on traditional steel coil springs as opposed to air springs. Our primary issue was with the example’s 21-inch wheels and low-profile performance tires, which made a noticeable amount of road noise over a patch of rough pavement. The Lucid Air Sapphire, which has three electric motors and more than 1200 horsepower, is the new top dog. To compete with the Tesla Model S Plaid, the second motor is positioned at the back and promises to offer incredible acceleration capabilities. A 200 mph max speed is also claimed by Lucid.

Lucid Motors Air Mileage & Range

2023 Lucid Motors Air MileageCityHighway
Air130 MPGe132 MPGe
Air Fuel-Economy

According to EPA estimations, the Air has the greatest range of any electric car that is currently available on the market. While the Pure and Touring trims of the Air have a lesser 92-kW battery pack, Grand Touring models have a larger 112.0-kWh battery pack and support for DC fast charging. The mid-range Touring is expected to drive 425 miles on a single charge, compared to the base Pure’s estimated 410-mile driving range. The maximum ranges for the Grand Touring and Grand Touring Performance versions are 516 and 446 miles, respectively.

The sedan is touted to be able to recover 300 miles of range in 21 minutes when connected to a fast charger. Additionally, three years of complimentary fast charging at Electrify America charging stations are available to new buyers. As long as it is done only for personal, non-commercial purposes, there is no restriction on how frequently owners may charge their vehicles. The most efficient Air is rated at 131 MPGe combined, while the Performance model of the Air is rated at 111 MPGe combined.

Dimensions & Space

2023 Lucid Motors Air Dimensions
Length195.9 in
Width76.2 in
Height66.0 in
Wheelbase55.4 in
Cargo Volume32 ft3
Airbags9 Airbags
Air Dimensions

The Air is equipped with an advanced entertainment system that consists of a tablet-like lower touchscreen that handles additional functions and can be retracted into the dashboard, as well as a big higher touchscreen that extends from the fully digital gauge cluster. The system’s voice-recognition software, according to Lucid, will react to normal speech patterns. The user’s favorite music and climatic settings are likewise stored by the interface’s assistant. A series of toggles for temperature and fan speed, together with a slider to change the level of the audio system, is also located on the steering wheel in addition to some physical controls.


2023 Lucid Motors Air TrimsPrice (USD)
Pure $89,050
Grand Touring$139,650
Grand Touring Performance$180,650
Air Price

We would lean towards the Touring design. It has several appealing features and is considerably less expensive than the Grand Touring model. The Touring is equipped with 20-inch wheels, leather seating, in-dash navigation, and an estimated 425 miles of range per charge. Three years of free Electrify America charging are included with every Lucid model as standard. The most expensive Dream Edition cars are currently sold out, however, the Grand Touring trim has a lot of the Dream’s style for less money if you want to maximize your luxury.

Specifications, Quarter Mile, 0-60 Mph & Top-Speed

2023 Luicid Motors Air Specifications Specs
Motorpermanent-magnet synchronous AC
Horsepower819 hp
Torque885 lb-ft
0-60 MPH3.0 sec
0-100 MPH6.0 sec
1/4 Mile10.7 sec
Top-Speed173 mph
Air Specs

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