2025 Lexus LFA EV Supercar Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top-Speed, 0-60 Mph & Performance


Lexus EV Supercar Specifications & Features

It will be the LFA of all-electric supercars when Lexus introduces its brand-new model, which will have an undetermined moniker. Here is a quick recap: The LFA coupe had a 553-hp V-10 and was primarily built of carbon fiber composite. The 2025 Lexus LFA EV Supercar will undoubtedly lack an exotic internal combustion engine. Instead, strong electric motors will be responsible for their remarkable performance. Although Lexus has given very little information away, the firm claims the LFA’s successor can hit 60 mph in as little as two seconds. The sleek bodywork of the Lexus EV, which resembles a cross between a McLaren 720S and a Toyota Supra, houses a solid-state battery that is estimated to have a range of 430 miles.

What’s New in Lexus LFA EV?

In preparation for having a completely electric vehicle range in the future, Lexus has unveiled a concept for an all-electric supercar that would serve as the ideal flagship for its electrified performance models.


2025 Lexus LFA EV Supercar
2025 Lexus LFA EV Supercar TrimsPrice (USD)
Base$100,000 (est)
LFA EV Supercar

In 2012, Lexus produced 500 LFA cars at a cool $350,000 each. Although we’re told the limited-production special strongly influenced the brand’s EV supercar, we’re hoping it won’t be as costly or exclusive. Even so, we can only guess at its beginning cost, which we believe to be at least six figures.

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