2025 Porsche 718, Electric, Battery, Range, Top Speed & 0-60 mph



In the era of EVs, none is stopping to go all-electric. Similarly, Porsche has now confirmed that it will offer its mid-engine 718 sports car lineup exclusively in electric form from 2025. Co-developed with Audi, this update comes after a long period of doubt for its replacement of the current Boxter Roadster and Cayman Coupe which has been in the market for 10 years.

What’s New?

It’s likely to arrive as a Pure EV, where the battery will sit between the axles. In a recent announcement Porsche CEO, Oliver Blume said, ‘We are stepping up our electric offensive with another model. By the middle of the decade, we want to offer our mid-engine 718 sports car exclusively in an all-electric form.’

Mission R Rendering
Mission R Rendering

But the final Porsche 718 Electric is not confirmed yet, Blume also revealed that the electric model would be based on a new platform developed for two-door sports cars, and that design is inspired by the track-only Mission R concept. As per rumours, the 718 is to be built on Porsche’s Modular Mid-Engined Platform (MMB), but with the next Cayman and Boxter switching to electric powertrains, the platform needs huge technical changes to support them.

Performance, Top Speed & 0-60

Porsche Concept R
Porsche Concept R

Based on the concept R, the 900-volt electric motors can produce(expected) 680 hp and reach 0-60 in 2.3 seconds with a top speed of 186 mph.

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As all those power requires a charge, the range is expected to be lower than a Taycan which has a range of 300 miles and has a performance lower than the Concept R.

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Porsche Concept R
Porsche Concept R

The current model of 718 starts from $60,500 for the Cayman and goes over $141,700 for the Cayman GT4 RS. Consider a price bump for the all-electric model and revised changes.


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