6 Electric Scooter With Removable Battery Option

6 Electric Scooter With Removable Battery Option Details

For Indians seeking convenient and budget-friendly electric scooter removable battery technology offers a game-changing solution. This innovation allows you to swap out drained batteries for fully charged ones, eliminating charging station wait times and fees. With this technology, a growing number of manufacturers are introducing electric scooters that ensure constant power and hassle-free usage.

1. Bounce Infinity E1

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Introducing the Bounce Infinity E1 electric scooter, Bounce Infinity’s debut EV offering in India. Notably, it’s the first electric scooter with removable battery, enabling easy swapping. You can purchase it on Flipkart, with speedy 15-day delivery. Priced at Rs 70,499 (ex-showroom Delhi), it features all-LED lighting, smartphone-compatible digital display, geo-fencing, remote tracking, and more. The scooter boasts an 83Nm motor, hitting 65kmph top speed in 8 seconds. With a removable lithium-ion battery pack, it offers an 85km claimed range and a 4-5 hour charge time.

2. iVOOMi JeetX


The iVOOMi JeetX electric scooter, available in two variants, standard and 180, starts at an attractive price of Rs 99,999 in India. Its distinctive hexagonal headlight with LED DRL, curvy side panels, and ribbed flat seat catch the eye. Powered by a 1.8kW motor and 2kWh battery, the standard model offers a range of 100km, while the JeetX 180 with two removable battery extends that to 200km. Both variants can reach a top speed of 60-70kmph. Notably, they come equipped with riding modes, smartphone charging, anti-theft features, keyless operation, reverse gear, and a suspension system with telescopic front forks and dual rear springs.

3. Simple One

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Simple Energy has officially launched the One e-Scooter in India, now available for delivery in Bengaluru. The Simple One is priced at Rs 1.45 lakh for standard colors and Rs 1.5 lakh for dual-tone X variants. It boasts all-LED lighting, 30-litre storage, fast charging, and a 7-inch TFT instrument cluster. The TFT has advanced features like OTA updates, geo fencing, and ride statistics. The 7kW motor delivers a whopping 72Nm torque, accelerating the scooter from 0 to 40kmph in just 2.77 seconds,.. The innovative dual battery system, consisting of a fixed battery and a removable battery pack, provides a total capacity of 5kWh, offering up to 225km of range.

4. Okinawa i-Praise

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Okinawa i-Praise presents an e-scooter with a detachable Lithium-ion battery, enhancing convenience. Its 2-3 hour charge time and 160-180km range make it efficient. The scooter features a 1000 Watt BLDC electric motor, geo-fencing, virtual speed limit, SOS notifications, and an ‘Okinawa Eco’ app. Limited to 500 units, 450 are already booked for the Rs 1.15 lakh ex-showroom priced i-Praise.

5. Hero Vida V1

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Hero has introduced the much-awaited Vida V1 Pro and V1 Plus e-scooters, offering a range of features and performance. Priced at Rs 1,28,000 and Rs 1,39,000 (ex-showroom Delhi, including Fame II), these scooters come with a 7-inch full-color TFT touchscreen display, keyless access, and multiple riding modes. They boast IP65-rated electronics, turn-by-turn navigation, digital document storage, and more. Both models feature IP67-rated battery packs, with the V1 Pro having a 3.94kWh unit and the V1 Plus a 3.44kWh unit, providing ranges of 165km and 143km, respectively. The removable battery can be fast-charged in less than 65 minutes, and both scooters sport IP68-rated motors with impressive acceleration.

6. Raft Indus NX

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The Raft Indus NX electric scooter is a game-changer for those seeking exceptional range and reliable performance. Its permanent 48V 135Ah lithium-ion battery under the footboard offers a whopping 325 km of range, while the removable 48V 65Ah battery under the seat adds an extra 155 km. With speeds up to 45 kmph and a robust 75 kg loading capacity, this scooter ensures you’re never short on power. Plus, it generously accommodates the charger in its boot, providing convenience. Whether you’re navigating the city or exploring new terrains, the Raft Indus NX promises a thrilling journey with unmatched range and ease.

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