American Singer Usher Car Collection & Net Worth

R&B Singer Usher Has Cool Cars in His Garage

Usher Raymond IV born October 14, 1978, is an American R&B singer. He was born in Dallas, Texas, but raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, until moving to Atlanta, Georgia. At the age of 12, his mother put him in local singing competitions before catching the attention of a music A&R from LaFace Records. He released his self-titled debut album Usher and rose to fame in the late 1990s with the release of his second album My Way. It spawned his first U.S. Billboard Hot 100 number-one single “Nice & Slow”, and the top two singles “You Make Me Wanna…” and “My Way”. As of now, Usher is currently single and isn’t dating anyone. His estimated net worth stands at $180 Million, with an annual salary of $20 Million. So, let’s check out his cool cars.

Usher Car CollectionPrice (USD)
Ford Mustang GT$32,495
Porsche Carrera GT$1,600,000
Mercedes CLS 63 AMG$$08,900
Mercedes SLS AMG$279,000
Mercedes A45 AMG$72,752
Bac Mono$151,500
Tesla Model S$114,990
Usher’s Car Collection

1. Ford Mustang GT

Usher Ford
Mustang GT

The Ford Mustang is among the best and most iconic sports cars ever made by Ford. The Mustang GT presents an eye-pleasing design body and a feature-rich sporty cockpit. The 7th-gen Mustang continues to flaunt its proactive appeal and majestic performance. The car packs a powerful 2.3L Ecoboost engine, making 315 hp and 350 b-ft of torque. Paired with an engaging transmission with rear-wheel drive. The Ford Mustang offers stunning performance and is among the best budget sports cars you can buy. Also Read: Amy Seimetz Latest Car Collection & Net Worth

2. Porsche Carrera GT

Carrera GT

Porsche Carrera GT is very exclusive to own. There were only 1270 built. It is reputed as one of the most difficult hypercar to drive. When it was launched it was the world’s first production car with a ceramic clutch and it required a special style of handling to avoid stalling the car. It is also infamous for the accident of Paul Walker. Carrera GT comes with a 5.7-liter naturally aspirated V10 engine. It produced 603 hp and 590 Nm of torque. It is capable of doing over 330 km/h and goes from 0-60mph in 3.8 sec.

3. Mercedes CLS 63 AMG


Came into production in 2004, CLS Class is a series of executive cars produced by Mercedes. This series comes with an all-wheel-drive which is very rare in such high-profile cars. Under its hood, it has a powerful 6-cylinder engine that boasts 306 hp and a 0-60 time of 4.2 sec. It can achieve a top speed of 155 mph and added by the singer to his collection at a price tag of $72,950.

4. Mercedes SLS AMG

Usher Mercedes
Mercedes-Benz AMG

The fifth one is the supercar from the German automaker Mercedes. The infamous supercar is very much popular amongst celebrities. Powered by a house 6.2 liter turbocharged V8 engine, this car generates over 563 HP of power with 649 Nm of torque and can go 0-62 mph in just 3.8 seconds with a top speed of 196 mph and is worth over $200,000.

5. Mercedes A45 AMG

Usher Mercedes

The performance-oriented hallmark of the German brand Mercedes brings in both, a comfortable interior and a decent performance to your garage. The entry-level Mercedes AMG CLA35 is powered by a 302-hp turbo-four whereas the CLA45 pumps a nice 382 HP. This CLA model has improved handling and stability as compared to the previous model. The car also comes in the play challenging the Cadillac CT4-V and the Audi S3. The interior lags a little as compared to the Cadillac and the Audi. The modern era of electronics brings in a lot of equipment. The car is equipped with all modern-era equipment which adds more comfort to your ride.

6. Bac Mono


Another piece of Usher’s collection is a single-seater BAC Mono powered by a 2.3L four-cylinder engine producing over 332 bhp and can go 0-60 mph in just 2.7 seconds with a top speed of 170 mph this isn’t just a go-kart it’s a fast kart costing over $151,500.

7. Tesla Model S

The Model S is one of the most popular and successful cars ever made by Tesla. It has incredible electric power and the best driving range of all cars. This car in comes with a dual electric motor making 765 HP and 713 lb-ft of torque. The Model S has an acceleration from 0-60 mph in just 2.5 seconds and can achieve a top speed of 130 mph.

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