Ampere Primus Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed & Features

Ampere Primus Specifications and Details

So far, Ampere’s electric scooter products – the Zeal EX and the Magnus EX – have provided only the absolute minimum of functionality and convenience, and despite being labelled “high-speed,” they have only reached 45kmph. However, its flagship electric scooter, the Ampere Primus, now sports a plethora of functions and a stated peak speed of 77kmph. The Primus is the most expensive model in the Ampere lineup, costing Rs 1.10 lakh. (ex-showroom, India, except North Eastern states).

Ampere Primus Power, Top speed and Range

A 4kW mid-mounted motor produces a stated 0-40kph time of 4.2sec and a claimed peak speed of 77kph, both of which are nearly comparable to the TVS. The parallels aren’t quite as striking in the actual world. The Primus isn’t exactly slow or sluggish, but it lacks the zip that you’d expect from a 4kW e-scooter. It doesn’t feel as quick as an iQube right away, and acceleration drops dramatically over 40kph. However, it continues to gather speed and will soon exceed the speedo’s estimated 80kph. So your total performance levels are suitable for daily city journeys, and you will not be a liability in traffic. The performance, on the other hand, will not entertain you.

Motor Power (w)3400 / 4000
Claimed Range107 km/charge
Battery Capacity3 Kwh
Reverse AssistYes
0-40 Kmph (sec)4.2s
Top speed77 kmph
Performance stats

Range and Battery

EV Scooter

The Primus is powered by a mid-mounted motor with 3.4kW (nominal) and 4kW (peak) output. It features a 48V, 3kWh battery, a stated peak speed of 77kmph, and goes from 0 to 40kmph in 4.2 seconds. It has a 107km ARAI-certified range and three riding modes: Eco, City, and Power.


Width705 mm
Length1910 mm
Height1133 mm
Wheelbase1400 mm
Weight130 kg
Load Carrying Capacity150 kg
Additional Storage22 L


Ampere Primus begins at Rs. 1.09 Lakh ex-showroom in Hyderabad. The Primus has only one variation, the Primus STD. We also have a breakdown of the Primus on-road pricing, which includes the ex-showroom price + RTO charges + Insurance and other expenditures for all of its versions. The Ampere Primus base version pricing is Rs. 3,166 per month at 9.45% EMI. If you want to explore additional motorcycles in the same price range, the main rivals of Primus are Ather 450X priced at Rs. 1.37 Lakh and Ola Electric S1 priced at Rs. 1.09 Lakh.


On the one hand, the Ampere Primus outperforms the typical urban electric scooter in terms of performance, features, and convenience. However, at Rs 1,09,990, it is much less expensive than the “premium” electric scooter choices. Although the Primus’ stated 107km range is higher, the iQube takes the cake with its TFT instrument panel, front disc brake, and overall superior craftsmanship. However, the Primus is a decent bargain for people searching for a do-it-all electric scooter that is distinct from the traditional brand names, without sacrificing brand name or dealer network.

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