Ampere Zeal EX Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed & Features

Ampere Zeal EX Price Specifications and Details

Greaves Electric Mobility’s Ampere Zeal EX is an electric scooter. The Ampere Zeal EX sports an edgy appearance with geometric cuts and fancy decals on the sleep body. Furthermore, the brand has introduced an entry-level model of the Ampere Zeal EX. This offers an affordable option for those new to electric vehicles. This enables them to easily venture into eco-friendly and cost-effective transportation with the benefits of an EV.

Ampere Zeal EX Features

The electric vehicle comes equipped with several features that enhance its functionality and convenience. Auto Charge Cut Off is a feature which ensures that the battery is never overcharged, which prolongs its lifespan. The Detachable Battery allows you to remove the battery and charge it separately, which is a great option if you don’t have access to an electrical outlet near your vehicle.


You can choose from different Drive Modes such as Eco, City, or Reverse, depending on the road conditions and your driving style. The Ignition Switch is easily accessible and allows you to turn the vehicle on or off. The Reverse Switch and Side Stand Sensor add to the overall safety of the vehicle. This makes it a practical and reliable mode of transportation.

Ampere Zeal EX Performance, Range and Top speed

The electric scooter is powered by a 2.3kWh, CAN-enabled, lithium-ion battery pack with an ARAI-certified range of 120km and a charging time of five hours. The rear wheel is propelled by a 1.8kW engine with a peak speed of roughly 50-55kmph.

Motor TypeBLDC
Continious Power1200
Torque (Motor)19 Nm
Drive TypeHub Motor
Battery Capacity2.2 kWh
Range120 kms
Performance stats


Width670 mm
Length1720 mm
Height1115 mm
Ground Clearance145 mm
Wheelbase1235 mm
Weight80 kg
Load Carrying Capacity150 kg


The starting pricing of the scooter is Rs 69,900 in Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand. In all other Indian states, it costs Rs 75,000 (both prices are ex-showroom). Greaves has also offered bonuses worth up to Rs 6,000 for customers who purchase the bike before March 31, 2023.


Ampere Zeal EX is a great value for money proposition with lots of feature on board. It is very practical and is very usable for everyday city riding. It is a great alternative to a petrol scooter saving you a lot of money on fuel. You can simple charge this scooter at home and use it.

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