Audi Has Allegedly Cancelled Its Mclaren Deal To Enter F1

Audi has allegedly cancelled its upcoming partnership with Mclaren for entering F1 2026 season.


In a recent interview, an unidentified inner person from audi said the German brand is not looking to partner with the McLaren F1 team to power their cars. The person said the reasons may be regarding the price expectations between the two companies. These reports have made a very tight spot. for Audi’s debut in F1.. 

Earlier we wrote about the livestream with the VW Group CEO. He told the two of its premium brands, Porsche and Audi have plans to enter the Formula One sport starting the 2026 season. The livestream is named “Dialog With Diess.” The news just put all the rumors circulating for many months, aside and confirmed it. The update from the VW Group CEO excited the fans and enthusiasts about both Porsche and Audi’s involvement in Formula One. 


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Diess said the brand’s entering the sport is a very high time and a very strategic move to promote the brand and make way for its future in Formula One sport. The announcement was due to the major regulatory changes happening in F1. F1 is planning to make major changes in the performance and engine department. The F1 cars will be one of the cleanest sports in the industry. The changes are to meet the green evolution that is happening around the industry. 

Both Porsche and Audi are going on par to meet the standards and developing to make their own engines for the F1 cars. It is still unclear how the brands will enter Formula One.

As per reports, Porsche may join with Redbull’s official supplier of their engine. After Honda had exited the Sport last year. 


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