Bhad Bhabie Car Collection 2023 And Net Worth

The Car Collection of Bhad Bhabie

Bhad Bhabie born March 26, 2003, is an American rapper and internet personality. She first became known from an appearance on Dr. Phil in September 2016, in which she uttered the phrase, “Cash me ousside, how bout dah?”, which became a viral video meme and catchphrase. In 2017, Bregoli became the youngest female rapper ever to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with her debut single “These Heaux”. As of now, Bhad Bhabie is currently single and is not dating anyone. Her estimated net worth stands at $20 Million, with an annual salary of $4 Million. Her car collection is cool, powerful, and savage.

1. Porsche Panamera

Bhad Bhabie Porsche

The first that Bhad bought was the Porsche Panamera. Which features its stunning looks, outrageous performance, and luxurious and sporty drive. The car features a 2.9-liter turbocharged V6 which delivers 325 horsepower. The Panamera costs over $102,990.

2. BMW M3

Bhad Bhabie BMW

The BMW M3 lives up to its name by providing thrilling driving abilities with M-sport performance combined with a luxurious cabin. With a 473-hp and 503-hp turbo-six and a thrilling 6-speed manual transmission with rear or all-wheel drive, the M3 acts like a beast. There are many things other than just the specs that make the M3 an ultimate track machine. Both models are track-ready and offer a ferocious acceleration in just 3.5 seconds.

3. Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

Bhad Bhabie Jeep
Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

The infamous Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. Powered by a 6.2L supercharged Hemi V8 engine which gives a power output of 707 hp with 877 Nm of torque. This makes this Jeep go from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 180 mph.

4. Dodge Durango SRT

Durango SRT

Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat is powerful enough to make all the passengers on board scream loudly. As it has room for six in its cabin and 710-hp under its hood, this makes it one of the world’s quickest ways to dash the kids to school. The Durango’s supersized-muscular powertrain is accompanied by a bulging body with styling inspired by Dodge’s muscle cars. All-wheel drive is standard, and the SRT Hellcat offers an amazingly surprising amount of cornering grip for its size, adding to its thrill-ride persona.

5. Bentley Flying Spur

Bhad Bhabie Bentley
Flying Spur

The Flying Spur is the company’s best and most luxurious sedan. Built with the touch of human hands, each car is engineered and made from scratch by a human rather than a robot. It results in a work of art of a machine Bentley makes. Bentley’s most luxurious car runs on an engine that will never make you think that you are lacking power at any given point. It is available with three powerful powertrain choices that just lift your comfort and take it to the higher up. The Flying Spur is for those who want the best that Bentley delivers today and believe me it is worth every penny. 

6. Lamborghini Urus

Bhad Bhabie Lamborghini

The Urus isn’t just an exotic SUV wearing that supercar badge, it’s a supercar enclosed in an SUV shell. Not only to justify its twin-turbo 4.0-Litre V8 making between 641 and 657 horsepower, but also by its mind-splattering performance on famous racetracks. This high-riding Lambo is the only thing from the brand that can pull a trailer and haul more than two. While its quarter-million-dollar price puts it way out of the league for most of us mere mortals, its interior isn’t as special as it should be for such a huge wad of cash.

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