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The Kia Carens: The Best Family Car For All Your Needs

If you’re in search of a spacious family car that caters to your family’s needs, the Kia Carens is a fantastic choice. This six-seater MUV (Multi-Utility Vehicle) from Kia offers a roomy, comfortable, and safe cabin designed for a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. In this article, we’ll talk about the Kia Carens, its pricing, and all its EMI plans.

Power and Performance

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The Kia Carens is a robust MUV available with two powerful engine options: diesel and turbo petrol. The diesel variant is equipped with a 1.5-litre CRD VGT engine that generates 116 PS of power and 250 Nm of torque. On the other hand, the petrol variant produces 160 PS of power and 253 Nm of torque. Both engine options are available with manual, IMT, and automatic transmissions, allowing customers to choose the transmission system that suits their preferences.

Safety Features

Kia places a strong emphasis on passenger safety in the new Carens MUV. The vehicle is equipped with standard 6 airbags, ensuring the safety of all occupants. Additionally, the Carens features ABS with EBD and a host of other safety features, including ESC, HAC, VSM, DBC, BAS, all-wheel disc brakes, TPMS highline, and rear parking sensors. These features enhance the overall safety of the vehicle.

Modern Technology

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In addition to its performance and safety features, the Kia Carens offers an array of modern technologies. The vehicle features the Kia Connect package, providing access to 66 smart features. Some of these features include remote engine start/stop, remote climate control, remote door lock/unlock, geo-fencing, live car location, live car status, smart pure air, and voice assistance. The Carens also includes premium features like a skylight sunroof, Bose premium sound system, and ventilated front seats.

Affordable Price and EMI Plans

VariantPrice (Ex-showroom)EMIDown payment
Premium 1.5 Petrol 7 STRRs. 10.45 LakhRs. 21,444Rs. 2.09 Lakh
Prestige 1.5 Petrol 7 STRRs. 11.65 LakhRs. 23,897Rs. 2.33 Lakh
Premium 1.5 Turbo Petrol iMT 7 STRRs. 12.00 LakhRs. 24,624Rs. 2.40 Lakh
Premium 1.5 Diesel iMT 7 STRRs. 12.65 LakhRs. 25,961Rs. 2.53 Lakh
Prestige 1.5 Turbo Petrol iMT 7 STRRs. 13.25 LakhRs. 27,186Rs. 2.65 Lakh
Prestige 1.5 Diesel iMT 7 STRRs. 13.85 LakhRs. 28,411Rs. 2.77 Lakh
Presitge Plus 1.5 Turbo Petrol iMT 7 STRRs. 14.75 LakhRs. 30,263Rs. 2.95 Lakh
Presitge Plus 1.5 Diesel iMT 7 STRRs. 15.35 LakhRs. 31,488Rs. 3.07 Lakh
Presitge Plus 1.5 Turbo Petrol DCT 7 STRRs. 15.75 LakhRs. 32,324Rs. 3.15 Lakh
Luxury 1.5 Turbo Petrol iMT 7 STRRs. 16.20 LakhRs. 33,162Rs. 3.24 Lakh
Luxury 1.5 Diesel iMT 7 STRRs. 16.80 LakhRs. 34,387Rs. 3.36 Lakh
Luxury (O) 1.5 Turbo Petrol DCT 7 STRRs. 17.00 LakhRs. 34,851Rs. 3.40 Lakh
Luxury Plus 1.5 Turbo Petrol iMT 6 STRRs. 18.90 LakhRs. 38,760Rs. 3.78 Lakh

Kia has a history of offering its vehicles at competitive prices in India, and the Carens is no exception. This MUV is priced affordably in the Indian market, with a starting price of just ₹10.45 lakh. To make the Carens even more accessible to customers, Kia has introduced new EMI plans, simplifying the process of owning this spacious and feature-packed family car.

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