Camila Loures Car Collection: Net Worth, Salary, Age & Boyfriend

Camila Loures (born 7 February, 1995) is a Brazilian YouTuberTiktok StarModel, and Instagram Influencer. She puts Vlogs of her day-to-day activity and enjoys doing various pranks and challenges. Camila has over 14.2 million subscribers on YouTube, 18 million followers on Instagram, 15 Million Fans on TikTok. In 2016 Loures wrote the book Handbook of Adolescent Survival which ranked 14th among the best-selling books for the Youth. She rose to fame in 2018 after pitting Challenges and Pranks. The 27 year old has an estimated net worth of $13 million and earns over $1.5 million annually. The YouTuber is in a relationship with her boyfriend but keeps her love life private. So let’s take a look at Camila Loures Car Collection.


1. Ferrari California


Starting with the Ferrari California finished in Rosso Corsa which costs over $430,000. The prancing horse is powered by a 4.3-litre Naturally Aspirated V8 making 453 horsepower. The car do a sprint to 62 mph in under 4 seconds. 

2. Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R


Next we have the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R finished in white with 20″ AMG alloys. The. GT R is powered by a 4.0-liter twin turbocharged V8 producing 577 horsepower and 700Nm of Torque. The AMG costs over $162,900.

3. Audi R8


Next in the Camila Loures Car Collection Audi R8. The R8 is powered by a thrilling 5.2-liter V10 engine which can enough power to churn out over 600 horses. The R8 V10 is priced at $158,000. 

4. Porsche Macan


Next we have the Porsche Macan which costs over $80,000. The Macan is powered by a thrilling 3.0-litre Twin Turbo V6 making 434 horsepower. The Macan is a Sporty Crossover that comes with Adaptive Seats, heated and ventilated front seats, LED headlights, panoramic sunroof, air suspension for adjustable ride quality and a sports exhaust.

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