Celeste Barber Car Collection: Cars of Celeste Barber

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Celeste Barber born 6 May 1982, is an Australian comedian and media personality. Although Barber started in acting, she later fell into comedy. Barber states: “I’ve always been told I’ve been funny but I always thought funny was stupid. I thought if you were a bit of an idiot then that was funny. But I’ve since learned, no, not the case, and being funny is the best and I love it… My late friend Mark Priestley, who worked on All Saints with me, was like, “This is your niche,” and he helped me focus on it. As of now, Celeste Barber is currently married to Api Robin. Her estimated net worth stands at $3 Million, with an annual salary of $200,000. Her car collection is small, yet reliable.

1. Chevrolet Trailblazer

Celeste Barber Chevrolet

Chevrolet Trailblazer is a sub-compact crossover, a smaller and more affordable alternative to Chevy’s Blazer. It offers a spacious cabin, which comfortably accommodates adults in the rear seats. And for people with big dogs, the front seat folds forward to help maximize the utility provided by the flat load floor. There aren’t many changes to the Trailblazer, but it gets new paint colors. This includes Nitro Yellow Metallic, Fountain Blue, and Sterling Gray Metallic, as well as an optional Iridescent Pearl Tricoat roof color. The cabin isn’t attractive as the exterior, but it is functional, spacious, and equipped with plenty of standard items.

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