Christian Roldan Car Collection: Net Worth, Salary, Age & Wife

Cristian Roldan (born June 3, 1995) is a popular American professional soccer player. Roldan plays as a midfielder for the Major League Soccer club Seattle Sounders FC and also the United States national team. From Addidas commercials to professional soccer, Christian had a successful career at a very young age. From an annual salary of around $980,000, Roldan has an estimated net worth of $8 million. We’re not sure about his girlfriend as he hasn’t revealed yet, but we do know what cars he owns in his garage. Let’s look at what cars Christian Roldan has in his amazing car collection.


1. Porsche 911 Turbo S


First in Roldan’s collection is a beautiful-looking supercar that delivers a bone-tickling performance, unlike any sports car or supercar. The sheer athletic driving and a mad burst of power define the characteristics of the Porsche 911 Turbo S. The 911 Turbo S are one of the quickest and fastest quarter-mile cars in 2023 with 9.9 seconds. The 911 Turbo S model features a 3.7-liter flat-six engine that makes 640 hp of power. The mind-boggling performance results in an acceleration time of fewer than 2.2 seconds with a top speed of 205 mph. Those who are willing to pay the hefty price will get the best performance you will get from any Porsche.

2. Tesla Model S


The Tesla Model S with its fantastic performance and superb driving thrill any sedan can offer. The Tesla Model S Plaid offers 1,020-hp three electric motors and 417 miles of range, a monster the Germans wish they made. An electric sedan offers ridiculous acceleration and a driving range that is enough for a whole weekend. Combined with a heart-stopping performance, and a rich and high-tech interior, the Model S is a package you can’t miss. The insane performance and athletic driving make the Model S Plaid among the best in Christian’s collection.

3. Rivian R1T


Talking about high-performance cars, and this doesn’t come up is a no-go. Roldan has Rivian R1T in his cool collection. A stunning-looking pickup that offers ridiculous acceleration and athletic driving with its all-electric powertrain. The R1T offers a quad-electric motor design that offers up to 835 horsepower. With an acceleration from 0-60 mph in just 3.2 seconds, and a driving range of over 300 miles, the R1T is among the most powerful pickups you can buy.

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