Dr. Vivek Bindra Car Collection: 2023 Cars of Dr. Vivek Bindra


Cars, Net Worth, Salary, Age & Wife

Dr. Vivek Bindra born on 5 April 1992, is a Motivational Speaker, Leadership Trainer, and YouTuber from India. He is known for his Motivational skills on his YouTube channel Dr.Vivek Bindra. Vivek is considered as the most viewed coach and motivational speaker on YouTube in Asia. He holds the world record for the training of the largest gathering of HR professionals and this achievement is recorded in the Golden World Records. His channel ”Dr. Vivek Bindra” is the most subscribed in Entrepreneurship in Asia. As of now, Vivek Bindra is currently married but the identity of his wife is kept private. His estimated net worth stands at $600,000 with an annual salary of $70,000. His car collection is small, yet decent.

1. Volvo XC90

Dr. Vivek Bindra Volvo

The Volvo XC90 with its minimal approach to modern-day cars turns out as a great alternative compared to boring cars. The XC90 is one of the most powerful and safest cars the company has ever made. The model comes with a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with a hybrid system that makes a combined 455 hp. The XC90 Recharge delivers an excellent mileage of 180 MPGe with its hybrid engine. Volvo, in a world of many boring cars, maintains the minimalistic style that people still care to love.

2. Mercedes-Benz GLC Class

Dr. Vivek Bindra Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class is for drivers who want a luxurious driving experience rather than a fast lane. The regular GLC300 is quick but lacks handling and highway fuel economy. However, BMW X3 is much better in both aspects. But just like typical Mercedes-Benz, the GLC’s interior blends extravagant materials and cutting-edge technology. The SUV can also be upgraded with leather surfaces, HUD, rear heated seats, ventilated front seats, etc. But sadly, GLC lacks cargo capacity, measuring 19 cubic feet behind the rear seats. Benz does give the GLC an infotainment system benefiting from a variety of control inputs and sophisticated features.

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