Ferrari 812 Competizione Tailor Price, Engine, Top Speed, 0-60 Mph & Performance

Ferrari 812 Competizione Tailor Specifications & Features

Experiencing friends playfully marking your face with a permanent marker might evoke a grin. But envision wielding a Sharpie near a $600K-plus exotic sports car—that’s another story. The sight of the Ferrari 812 Competizione Tailor Made could trigger thoughts of such a calamity. Rest assured, this isn’t the scenario here. Excluding exceptional editions like the new Daytona SP3. The avenue to secure a magnificent V-12 powerplant within a Ferrari involves acquiring an 812 Competizione Tailor. It’s regrettable, however, that Ferrari discontinued the Competizione in 2022. Nevertheless, the beating heart of the 812 Competizione is a commanding 6.5-liter V-12 engine. A powerhouse that conjures an astonishing 819 horsepower on the track. Within the Competizione’s confines, the V-12 exhibits a resounding 9500 rpm redline. While the latest iteration of the 812 remains firmly grounded on the road. Credited to its substantial rear diffuser and revamped rear wing design.

What’s New?

Behold the exceptional V12-powered track-focused coupe in vibrant yellow, adorned with striking black accents across its body. This remarkable creation pays homage to the Italian automaker’s unique design journey. Drawing inspiration from the innovative blank-sheet approach, particularly championed by Ferrari’s chief design officer, Flavio Manzoni. The collaborative efforts of the company’s stylists and the Tailor Made customization division culminated in a year-long endeavor to craft this unparalleled 812 model. The outcome is a resplendent 812 model coated in a velvety Giallo Tristrato matte finish. Elegantly complemented by matte Nero DS Sketch detailing. These accents elegantly emphasize features like the cutting-edge aero-blade slicing through the hood. The sleek side louvres, and the dynamic vortex generators on the rear panel. This distinctive aesthetic seamlessly flows into the cabin, where Alcantara envelops every corner of the 812’s interior.

Ferrari 812 Competizione Tailor Engine, Power & Performance

The Ferrari 812 Competizione Tailor derives its formidable power from a robust 819-hp 6.5-liter V-12 engine. Which channels an invigorating 510 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. While it forgoes the Superfast moniker, the Competizione remains undeniably rapid, achieving an impressive top speed of 212 mph. Notably, the Competizione distinguishes itself by raising the redline by 500 rpm beyond the already staggering 9000-rpm limit of the 812 Superfast. This enhancement involves employing titanium connecting rods, a lighter crankshaft, a novel cylinder head featuring finger-follower actuated valves, and a diamond-like carbon coating on multiple surfaces to curtail friction. The re-engineered oil tank adeptly manages lateral and longitudinal forces, containing less viscous oil than its V-12 Ferrari counterparts. This innovation permits a variable-rate oil pump to optimize the engine’s circulation with heightened efficiency and increased capacity.

  • Ferrari 812 Competizione Tailor
  • Ferrari 812 Competizione Tailor

Even when you shift the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic into its higher gears, the engine tenaciously propels the car toward the redline with remarkable speed. The power delivery aligns perfectly with expectations for a 12-cylinder vehicle: it’s velvety, consistent, and flows without interruption. From an external perspective, the engine’s sound resonates like a compilation of the finest moments from combustion engine history. To ensure the Competizione stays firmly planted, Ferrari implemented enhancements like a fresh rear diffuser and a refined rear spoiler profile. Notably, the most significant modification to cater to aerodynamics is the transformation of the rear window into something entirely different. Instead of conventional glass, a panel with lightweight properties and rib-like extensions disrupts the airflow, effectively harmonizing the rear downforce dynamics. While an interior rearview mirror still exists, it now displays the feed captured by a small camera attached to this distinctive panel.

Ferrari 812 Competizione Tailor Mileage

Ferrari 812 Competizione TailorCityHighway
812 Competizione Tailor12 mpg16 mpg
Tailor Fuel-Economy

In terms of performance, the Competizione edges ahead of the GTS, achieving a slight advantage with 12 mpg in city driving and a commendable 16 mpg on the highway.

Ferrari 812 Competizione Tailor Dimensions & Space

Ferrari 812 Competizione Tailor Dimensions
Length184.9 in
Width77.6 in
Height50.2 in
Wheelbase107.1 in
Cargo Volume18 ft3
Airbags6 Airbags
Tailor Dimensions

For track enthusiasts, Ferrari offers the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R tire as an alternative, while the Pirelli P Zero Corsa PZ4Cs support the base models. Retaining the Superfast’s tire width, the front tires are 275/35R-20s, and the rear boasts 315/35R-20s. Although every 812 coupe features a six-speaker stereo, let’s admit it – why to settle for that when you’re enveloped in the symphony of a built-in V-12 engine? The package encompasses an integrated navigation system with voice activation, complemented by standard features like Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls and music streaming. While Apple CarPlay capability stands as an optional feature, it’s unfortunate that Android users won’t share the same advantage.


Ferrari 812 Competizione TrimsPrice (USD)
Tailor$600,000 (est.)
Tailor Price

For enthusiasts intrigued by the Ferrari 812 Competizione, which serves as the foundation for this masterpiece, it marks an 819-hp tribute to the brand’s nonhybrid V-12 legacy. Merely 999 units of this model will see the light of day, each commanding a price exceeding $600,000. Among these exclusive quantities, stands this bespoke Tailor Made specimen, a truly priceless creation. However, its value will be translated into meaningful action as it finds its place on the auction block during the Ferrari Gala in New York City on October 17, with the proceeds dedicated to charitable causes.

Specifications, Quarter Mile, 0-60 Mph & Top-Speed

Ferrari 812 Competizione Tailor SpecificationsSpecs
Engine6.5L DOHC V12
Horsepower819 hp
Torque510 lb-ft
0-60 MPH2.6 sec
0-100 MPH5.6 sec
1/4 Mile10.3 sec
Top-Speed212 mph
Tailor Specs

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