Ford Commits $30 Billion for it’s EV & Self Driving Cars, Ford Invest For EV & Self Driving Vehicle

Ford Investment For EV & Self Driving vehicle

American automaker Ford has made a commitment to invest $30 Billion for making electric vehicles and self driving cars which will start by producing it’s F-150 till 2025

Just like every major manufacturer is bidding on an electric future for its lineup of cars coming in future, one of the biggest players in the market Ford is planning very high for this, where it plans to take its current gasoline powered engines changed by a hybrid  or a plug-in hybrid powertrain in their cars.  And has plans to rival the current biggest competitor Tesla

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 Ford revealed it’s Q4 earnings which says it will invest around $22 Billion in it’s electric vehicles and about $7 Billion in autonomous technology till 2025. Which is much higher than its earlier $10 Billion which brought Ford’s EVs to the mainstream market.

Ford EV
Ford EV

Ford’s electric future is kinda blemish because inline GM which said it will commit to make it’s entire gas and diesel powered light duty vehicles by 2035 and will invest $27 Billion for it. Ford’s approach to an electrified future is somewhat shaky as they hadn’t told us when they would make their entire lineup with an electric powertrain.

As of Ford investing billions of dollars in its EV lineup, it has also invested over $500 Million in EV startup Rivian which has been doing fantastically in delivering it’s latest R1 EVs.

And that all we have to see for what to happen and when to happen, Ford has said it’s F-150 Lightning will head over to production in mid 2022.

Ford Self Driving Vehicle
Ford Self Driving Vehicle

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