Here’s Why Tesla Removed Radar From It’s Tesla Model S & X

Tesla Removed Radar From Model S & Model X

Why Tesla Removed Radar From It’s Tesla Model S and Model X. All Tesla Model S and Model X which produce after the Mid February will come with the Tesla Vision camera version while taking the radar systems out to enhance Tesla’s full self-driving capabilities which are on beta as of right now.

Much like the most popular Tesla Model 3 and Model Y which start coming with a Camera only solution since last May, swapping out the radar sensors which used in all the cars and used to be the norm back then.

Tesla Model X

Tesla has committed to a pure vision approach and removing radar sensors from all it’s Tesla model S and Model S from now on to take the Tesla’s full self driving feature more safer than a human driver as the CEO Elon Musk presses that this can be achieved with a camera only solution and not using the radars at all which were used to trace mapping the objects close to the vehicle and surveillancing for what to come next which helped the car to make sure it’s driving safely with no chances of any crash possible with it’s self driving autonomous features.

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But as the CEO of Volkswagen shared his thought that a true Level 3 autonomous self driving is impossible to have, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk thinks otherwise and thinks it can be achieved with just cameras while not needing the radar sensors at all. And just like it, all it’s premium performance sedan and the SUV which are produce after the mid February will be coming with Tesla Vision while removing the radar system completely from its vehicles as it’s popular Model 3 and Model Y which have already moved on without the radar tech since May last year.

Tesla Model S

And as far as Tesla’s Full Self Driving goes. It’s still in beta and is in a testing phase. And just like every Beta program, it comes with it’s fair share of problems and issues. But during Tesla’s Q4 earning conference, CEO Elon Musk assure that it’ll be up and running and that it’s cars will achieve it and become safer than a human driver by the end of this year.


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