Kim-Jong Un Adds New Luxury Limousine In His Car Collection

Putin Gifts Kim-Jong Un Luxurious Limousine, His Latest Car in His Collection

In a move sparking debate and geopolitical intrigue, Russian President Vladimir Putin gifted North Korean leader Kim-Jong Un a luxury Aurus limousine, a high-end vehicle currently used by Putin himself. While the Kremlin emphasizes personal ties and neighbourly relations, the gift raises questions about sanctions violations and their impact on the already tense international landscape.

A Gift With Hidden Motive?

Kim-Jong Un Adds New Luxury Limousine In His Car Collection
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The Kremlin’s explanation hinges on Kim’s apparent admiration for the car during a September visit to Russia. However, the timing coinciding with Russia’s growing ties with North Korea and other nations adversarial to the West fuels speculation about deeper motives. This includes accusations of North Korea supplying weapons for the Ukraine war, denied by both countries.

Sanctions Concerns and South Korea’s Response

The lavish gift raises eyebrows regarding potential violations of UN Security Council resolutions banning luxury goods exports to North Korea. While Russia’s Foreign Ministry dismisses these concerns, South Korea’s cautionary stance reflects anxieties about increased cooperation between Russia and North Korea.

Kim’s Enigmatic Life & His Car Collection

The incident sheds light on a lesser-known side of Kim Jong Un: his reported passion for luxury cars. Rumours of a vast, smuggled collection of high-end vehicles, including Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, and Lexus, paint a picture of opulence amidst North Korea’s economic struggles. The Aurus itself boasts a powerful 4.4-liter V8 hybrid engine co-developed with Porsche that churns out 590 horsepower. During his September meeting with Putin, he even arrived in one such vehicle transported on a special train.

Broader Implications

The limousine exchange transcends its monetary value, becoming a symbol of the complex, evolving relationship between Russia and North Korea. It highlights the challenges of enforcing sanctions amidst geopolitical tensions and the potential consequences for regional stability.

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