Koenigsegg Is Now Making Carbon Fiber Parts For Tesla

Koenigsegg Is Now Making Carbon-Fiber Parts for Teslas


Tesla customers can now buy the carbon-fibre parts made by Koenigsegg through Tesla tuning company Unplugged Performance.

There is no doubt that the Swedish company is anywhere bad at making its body parts. Koenigsegg takes its carbon fiber seriously. One can just look at the cars they make to know how good they are. There is just a lot more that goes on to make such parts with so much precision. Whether they are the body panels, chassis, or wheels, Koenigsegg has mastery in their craft. The parts are precisely aligned with other parts. You know why their cars sell so quickly. 

Tesla Model Y

Unplugged Performance is offering several parts made of carbon-fibre spoilers. They are for the Model S, Model 3, and Model X.  And carbon-fibre fenders are also available for the Model 3. The price of the spoilers ranges from $1745 to $2495. The fender will come at $8895 per set excluding taxes and shipping. That’s a huge lot of money, but it is justified as the parts are made by Koenigsegg. That is the same carbon-fibre used in their flagship supercars. It makes sense if you consider that Unplugged Performance says it plans to offer more parts in collaboration with Koenigsegg later this year.

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It is a dream come true because earlier one would have to buy expensive supercars. But now, you don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to experience a carbon-fibre car. And it’s a bit of good luck if you got a Tesla. You can use Koenigsegg’s super-high-quality carbon-fibre. All thanks to the collaboration between Koenigsegg Advanced Manufacturing and Unplugged Performance

About The Company

Unplugged Performance is the company behind the super-modified Tesla Model S Plaid that attacked Pikes Peak in 2021. They are officially authorised service providers for supplying aftermarket Tesla parts. They offer suspension, high-performance braking systems, exterior modifications and upgrades. 

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