Leena Tewari Car Collection: 2023 Cars of Leena Tewari


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Leena Tewari born 1956/1957 is an Indian businessperson and author. She is the chairperson of USV Private Limited, a multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company based in Mumbai. USV was founded by her grandfather Vithal Balkrishna Gandhi in 1961. The company specializes in diabetic and cardiovascular drugs as well as biosimilar drugs, injectables and active pharmaceutical ingredients. As of now, Leena Tewari is currently married to Prashant Tewari. Her estimated net worth stands at $3 Billion, with an annual salary of $30 Million. Her car collection is small, yet it is luxurious.

1. BMW 5-Series

Leena Tewari BMW

This is the car for anybody who wants to enjoy pleasure and comfort from the rear, especially Tewari. Although the BMW 5 Series isn’t the enthusiastic car one is looking for. But one might consider it because of its roomier and more luxurious cabin inside with loads of options to choose from. It offers a multi-powertrain option from a good fuel economy turbo four up to the growling twin-turbocharged V8. Which makes your road trips and highway cruising much silkier and which isn’t given by its rivals.

2. Audi A6

Leena Tewari Audi

Audi A6 might be one of the most luxurious and high-tech sedans from the company. It features bold styling with a long wheelbase enough for all 4 passengers with plenty of room to stretch. The A6 delivers the promise of luxury and prestige with its handsomely done interior with advanced high-tech features. The new A6 comes stuffed with a base turbo-four and prestige trim with a turbo-six engine that produces 261 hp and 335 hp of power.

3. BMW X6 M

Leena Tewari BMW
X6 M

The BMW X6M makes the nomenclature of numbers, a joke when it comes to the realm of BMW. Where, the X5 SUV is a bigger and more feasible option in reality, rather than the slope-roof-styled X6. If your name, there would be plenty of ways, where the X6 behaves like a 3-series, but on steroids. Under the hood lies a gutsy 617-hp twin-turbo V8 that is enough with its deliberate performance and insane quickness. For a more sporty feel and athletic performance, the X6 M is a perfect blend of performance and luxury. Perhaps the X6’s outer proportions look dead, but the interior is elegant and practical.

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