Mabel Cadena Car Collection: Black Panther Cast

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Mabel Cadena was born in the State of Mexico, but grew up in Minatitlán, Veracruz. She studied a bachelor’s degree in psychology and later a master’s degree after graduating with a degree in acting. She began her training at the CasAzul Artes Escénicas Argos Academy in Tlalnepantla de Baz, State of Mexico. Mabel makes her Hollywood debut in 2022 with the Marvel Studios film, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in the role of Namora, Namor’s cousin. Before getting the role for the film, she did not speak English and did not know she was auditioning for a Marvel film. As of now, Mabel Cadena is currently single and not dating anyone. Her estimated net worth stands at $1 Million, with an annual salary of $300,000. Her car collection consists of 1 car, yet it is environment friendly.

1. Lexus NX

Mabel Cadena Lexus

Lexus NX, is now again back to the market after sitting back and watching the rest of the luxury-subcompact SUV segment getting mature over the past few years. This Jap got back in the game with a modernization of its own. The 2023 model is completely new, with a revamped styling that is more streamlined than the current gen’s. Featuring new LED headlamps and a windshield with a more aggressive rake. Despite NX sharing its chassis and powertrains with the Toyota RAV4, the Lexus more closely resembles the brand’s small UX crossover, albeit taller and wider.

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