Okaya ClassIQ Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top Speed & Features

Okaya ClassIQ Price & Features

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. With the growing need for eco-friendliness and practicality, electric vehicles have become the go-to choice for many people. The Okaya ClassIQ Electric Scooter is one such vehicle that stands out in the market because of its price, futuristic design, and impressive features. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Okaya ClassIQ Electric Scooter, its features, specifications, and pricing.

Features of the Okaya ClassIQ Electric Scooter

Okaya ClassIq Scooter

The Okaya ClassIQ Electric Scooter is available in five colors and has several upgraded features, including a digital instrumental cluster cleaner. The most exciting feature of the ClassIQ is its BLDC hub motor. With a power of 250W and a top speed of <25 kmph, the BLDC hub motor is an impressive piece of engineering that can take you places. Additionally, the scooter comes with a telescopic suspension, spring-loaded shock absorbers, and all-LED lights with DRL for a comfortable and safe ride.

Motor typeBLDC Hub Motor
Motor power250W
Top Speed<25 kmph
Range60-70 km
Battery48V 30Ah Lithium
Charging time5 to 6 hours
Color options5 (Blue, Red, Black, White, Grey)
Front & Rear BrakesDrum, 110mm

Range & Motor Power

The power source of the Okaya ClassIQ Electric Scooter is a 48V 30Ah Lithium-ion battery that provides an impressive 1.4kWh of power. This means you can travel up to 60-70 km on a single charge. The ClassIQ takes just 5 to 6 hours to charge fully, making it an incredibly practical vehicle for everyday use.

Exterior Build Quality

Okaya ClassIq Scooter

The Okaya ClassIQ Electric Scooter comes with stylish alloy wheels that are tubeless, providing added safety and durability. The wheels are made of steel, making them sturdy and reliable, and come with front and rear drum brakes (110mm), ensuring maximum control and safety. The LED headlights with DRL ensure that you’re visible on the road, while the wheel lock adds an extra layer of security.


The Okaya ClassIQ Electric Scooter is available at a price of INR 74,499(ex-shroom) with a booking amount of INR 499.

Color Options

The Okaya ClassIQ is available in five colors: blue, red, black, white, and grey. Each color is uniquely crafted to suit different styles and preferences. Whether you want a bold and bright color that will make you stand out or a more subdued color that will blend in, the ClassIQ has got you covered.

BlueBold and attention-grabbing, perfect for those who want to make a statement
RedVibrant and bold, great for showing off your personality and standing out
BlackClassic and sophisticated, perfect for those who prefer a timeless look
WhiteClean and fresh, ideal for those who want a stylish and practical scooter
GreyCool and understated, a versatile option for those who want both style and practicality

Why choose the Okaya ClassIQ Electric Scooter?

The Okaya ClassIQ Electric Scooter is the perfect choice for those who want an eco-friendly and practical vehicle. With its impressive range, powerful Lithium-ion battery, and quick charging time, the ClassIQ is an excellent option for everyday use. The scooter’s stylish design, reliable brakes, and added safety features make it a popular choice among buyers. Additionally, its portable design makes it an excellent option for people who are always on the move.


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