Ola Launches New Ola S1X Electric Scooter At A Starting Price of ₹79,999

Ola S1X Electric Scooter Specifications and Details

Ola Electric is making waves by launching the Ola S1X alongside other innovative models during the “End Ice Age, Part 1” event on August 15th. With the introduction of the S1X, Ola is taking a resolute step towards electric vehicles. Ola aims to offer an exceptionally affordable EV, reinforcing their commitment to sustainable transportation. Priced at just Rs 79,999, the S1X is likely to be a game-changer, with bookings starting immediately. Deliveries slated to begin from December, amplifying Ola’s impact on the electric vehicle landscape.

Design and Features

Ola S1X Electric Scooter Specifications and Details
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The Ola stands out thanks to a redesigned front and higher headlamp cowl. In comparison to the S1X, which has a 3.5-inch segmented display, the S1X+ goes one step further by providing intelligent connectivity, a distinctive 5-inch segmented LCD display, and keyless unlocking. The Ola S1X series is the pinnacle of design and innovation since both models that provide 34-liter boot capacity, cutting-edge battery technology, improved thermal performance, and expanded safety features.

Battery and Range of all variants

The Ola S1X series has a powerful hub motor with continuous power of 2.7kW and peak power of 6kW. Top speeds are limited to 90kmph for the S1X and S1X+, and 85kmph for the 2kWh model. 0-60kmph acceleration takes about 5.5 seconds for the S1X and S1X+, and 7.9 seconds for the 2kWh variant. All versions need roughly 7.4 hours to completely charge. They are equipped with 3kWh lithium-ion batteries in the S1X and S1X+ and a 2kWh battery in the 2kWh variation. The S1X and S1X+ have ranges of 151km and 91km, respectively. In real-world settings, the predicted ranges in Eco mode are 85km for the 2kWh model and 125km for the other two, and 75km and 100km in Normal mode, respectively.

Ola S1X+Ola S1X 2 kwhOla S1X 3 kwh
Top speed90Km/h85km/h90km/h
Certified Range151km91km151km
ModesEco, Normal, SportsEco, Normal, SportsEco, Normal, Sports
Colours 6 Colours6 colours6 Colors
Charging Time7.4 hrs7.4 Hrs7.4 hrs
Peak power6 Kw6kW6kW
Key TypeDigital keyPhysical keyPhysical key
Ola S1X Variants


Ola Electric’s S1X series presents an enticing pricing window for early adopters. The 2 kWh and 3 kWh battery versions come in at Rs 79,999 and Rs 89,999 respectively until 21st August, when they will rise to Rs 89,999 and Rs 99,000. Similarly, the S1X+ boasts an introductory rate of Rs 99,000, which will ascend to Rs 1,09,000 post the same date. A smart opportunity to embrace electric mobility.

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