Ryan Taylor Car Collection


BMX YouTuber Ryan Taylor Car Collection

Ryan Taylor, born on March 18, 1993, is an English YouTuber famous for uploading BMX racing and prank videos. Growing up in Walsall in the West Midlands, he gained significant recognition in the United States, spending half the year in Greenville, North Carolina. Taylor made a mark with impressive videos in Dave Mirra’s warehouse, showcasing a seamless blend of large transfers and technical moves. By 17, he had already solidified his position as one of the UK’s top Park riders. Ryan is particularly known for sharing daring driving videos on Instagram and YouTube. Now, let’s take a look at his collection of cars.

Ryan Taylor Car CollectionPrice (USD)
Mercedes-AMG G63$180,150
Bugatti Chiron$3,300,000

Mercedes-AMG G63

Ryan Taylor Mercedes-AMG

The AMG G63, with its powerful 577-hp twin-turbo V8, brings some serious heat compared to the milder Mercedes-Benz G-class. It’s like a Hollywood cowboy with quicker acceleration than a Ford Bronco Raptor. However, its high price tag sets it apart, making it more for CEOs than the average Joe. Riding on 20-inch wheels, the G63 boasts a luxurious room with top-notch cabin materials and a tech-savvy cockpit, showcasing the best of Mercedes’s modern features. There’s an even wilder 4×4² model with a long-travel suspension, heavy-duty portal axles, and over 13 inches of ground clearance.

Bugatti Chiron

Ryan Taylor Bugatti

The Chiron isn’t just the best Bugatti, it’s the best car ever. This $3 million beast can go over 200 mph, thanks to a crazy 16-cylinder engine with four turbochargers making at least 1500 hp. The fancier Super Sport model is even more powerful. Inside, it’s as fancy as it looks outside, with super nice materials that explain the high price. Let’s be real, people are paying for the crazy speed. If you’re looking for modern features or fancy tech, it’s not really here. But once you drive this beast, you probably won’t care about those small things.

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