10 V8 Supercars That Sound Better Than A Mustang GT350 R

Silver Sports Car

The Mustang GT350 R is unquestionably one of the best-sounding American supercars ever manufactured, but these V8s have a deeper growl. Overview V8 engines are among the most popular sounding powertrains among petrolheads, even outperforming larger, more powerful units like V10 and V12 engines seen in high-end supercars like McLarens. …

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Top 10 European Cars with Huge Engines

Top European Cars

Overview Top European Cars are the most powerful and finest cars ever built. They sport more cubic inches, offering more power. In Europe, there are a lot of gearheads, who like to stuff big engines into the cars which were originally for boats and planes. But these modern supercars, European …

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