Top 10 Electric Vehicle For Student To Buy In 2023

Mazda MX30

Now the world is changing and shifting from Gas to Electric. EVs are the ones everyone is looking at to opt out of the high gas prices. But the doubt is can we even buy an electric vehicle with high efficiency and performance at an affordable price. Yes, electric cars have come a long way …

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Ram CEO Teases New 1500 Electric Pickup, Revolution Concept


Ram CEO Mike Kovel Jr. teases the upcoming RAM Revolution Concept and the RAM 1500 Electric pickup. Stellantis to reveal the new RAM pickup trucks at the November event. It will reveal the new Ram 1500 EV and the Revolution pick up ahead of the LA Auto Show. The new Ram pickups will offer a …

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2024 Toyota Tacoma Electric Revealed

Overview A spectacular revolution is coming out from Toyota, which may be known as 2024 Toyota Tacoma Electric. Based on the Existing Tacoma, the powertrain is being looked forward to be a total battery-powered base, with the same old kick in it. If Launched, then this powerhouse is straight away head-ons with the Ford F-150 …

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Now Owning EVs are Cheaper than Gas Cars: Says Study

Owning EVs Cheaper

Overview Owning EVs is Cheaper than Gas Cars well it’s been said for a long time, but now according to studies, the situation is better. Many say electric cars have higher upfront costs than their gas counterparts in the long run as you can save on fuel costs and maintenance, and it has been proven …

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Ford’s F-150 Lightning Home Integration System Will Cost $3,895


Ford F-150 Lightning Home Integration System will cost over $3,895. Overview The upcoming Ford F-150 Lightning owners will have access to use the vehicle’s backup power feature. They can power their homes during a power failure or a power outage. Apart from the Ford F-150 Lightning, they will need two more things to make use …

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