Top 10 Luxury Self Driving Cars You Can Buy In 2023


Modern-day cars are more powerful, reliable, safe, and high-tech than they have ever been. Automakers are working tirelessly to innovate and make the best possible cars that deliver great performance and offer better fuel economy. Today’s cars are more than just looks, practicality, and driving, they pack more than they seem. They offer features from …

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Top 10 Best Safe SUVs You Can Buy In 2023

Ford Mustang

The SUVs are currently dominating the auto market with their demands increasing every single day. When it comes to SUV buyers, most consider things such as design, comfort, features, and mileage. Very few are concerned about how safe their car is and how many safety features the car comes with. And how the car will …

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Ford BlueCruise Gets New Hands-Free Lane Change Feature


Ford revealed its BlueCruise driver-assist system back in 2021 with selected vehicles. With the new version 1.2 upgrade, Ford cars gets a new hands-free lane change abilities. After this feature, selected Ford cars will have the same functionality as the Lincoln’s ActiveGlide system. Ford BlueCruise system with lane change will launch officially this fall of …

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These Are The 10 Best EVs From Last Five Years


Since their first introduction, EVs have now evolved more advanced than ever. These are the best EVs from the last five years. Overview If you go past a few years, electric cars were looked at as an alternative to gasoline cars which are reserved only for tech nerds. People usually discard EV owners like an …

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