Top 10 Safest Cars For Student In 2023

Kia K5

With college season going on, many families want new cars for the kids going to college and school. With many teens buying this first car ever, they wanna know if their first ride is reliable and safe or not. The market is flooded with reliable cars, but also some dangerous …

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Every Upcoming 2023 Honda Cars In United States

Honda Civic Type-R

If you talk about budget vehicle with good amount of performance and lots of features then the brand comes into your mind is Honda. Honda cars are one of the most loved and popular in United States because of their insane mileage, cheap maintenance and budget friendly. Now Honda is …

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EVs Will Always Be More Expensive Than Petrol Cars: Honda Execs


EVs getting more popular than ever, and demand for electric vehicles is rising every day. Especially in Europe where diesel cars are almost dead, and petrol cars are taxed heavily. While in some cases, EVs may be cheaper than gas-powered cars, some cars cost almost double. In France, the BMW …

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Honda Will Discontinue Making Diesel Cars In India: Reports


According to soe reports, Honda will likely to discontiue making diesel-powered cars in India in few years. Due to the stricter emission standard coming in India the Japanese automaker will not make diesel models. The carmaker is increasing itsefforts in making more environment-friendly cars with their electrified tech. The Honda …

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Future Honda Cars To Get Hybrid Tech


With the increasing competition in the Indian auto industry, many companies are betting big on electrifying their cars. For no such surprise, Honda is one of them, developing hybrid tech for its future cars. The Japanese carmaker is developing hybrid tech with strong electric motors instead of mild hybrid. To …

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Honda Partners With Hanwa For Its Battery Metal Supply


Honda has partnered with Hanwa, a Japanese trading company for its supply of important metals it’ll use for its future electric cars. This long-term partnership will secure Honda’s supply of rare earth metals used in batteries such as nickel, cobalt, and lithium. Securing the supply will prevent shortages in the …

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2023 Honda HR-V Performance and Specifications

Overview Now Honda, with its amazing mastery in building a complete emotion for their fans, which is done for all segments, such as the new 2023 Honda HR-V to the daily users who face a need of a big mover to go around the corners for a shifting business. Honda …

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2023 Honda Civic Type R Performance and Specifications

Overview The 2023 Honda Civic Type R, One on the most colossal names ever to be existing in the history of cars which has a fandom that includes almost every car-enthusiast, famously known because of the JDM culture and the unforgettable ‘Civic with a laptop’. Though with generations after generations, …

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