Lewis Hamilton 2023 Car Collection And Net Worth

Lewis Hamilton

Supercars Of British motorsports racing driver Lewis Hamilton Lewis Hamilton car collection is on next level, which includes almost every amazing brand and awesome hyper cars. Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton AKA Lewis Hamilton is a 37-Years old British Race car driver. He is Formula One Driver for Mercedes-Benz currently …

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Delage D12 Hybrid Hypercar: No Roof With Speedster Conversion


The French automaker “DELAGE” has broke the internet as it released the Delage D12, A hybrid hypercar that homes 1,100 horses and under the hood rests its 7.6L V12. So apparently the design of the car has been inspired by a fighter-jet due to its bold looks. Only 30 examples …

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Pagani C10: New Teaser Shows The Car’s Gated Manual Gearbox


After the brief spy shots of the upcoming Pagani C10 hypercar, a new teaser shows the C10’s gated manual gearbox. The company is doing that with the help of Mercedes AMG sourced 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 engine paired with a dual-clutch transmission. The Huayna successor will come with a massive V12 …

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Koenigsegg CC850 Is The Fastest Manual Supercar In World

Koenigsegg CC850

The Swedish brand Koenigsegg is back with its insane hypercar The CC which is now CC850. The CC850 pays tribute to CC8 which was the first production Koenigsegg supercar from year 2002. Koenigsegg is well known for making some serious aggressive cars which can break any record. Currently their flagship …

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Hennessey Venom F5 Roadster: A Car Built For 300 MPH+

Overview Special cars can be spotted at the special location, it is a universal fact. The Monetary Car Week is one of them, where you have the chance to see some of world’s most historic and exclusive cars. But the series of car themed events in California held for one …

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Felix Mallard Car Collection | Cars of Australian Actor

Felix Mallard

Overview Felix Mallard was born on April 20, 1998 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. By profession, he is an actor who made his debut in 2014, by playing Ben Kirk in soap opera Neighbours. He moved to U.S. in 2018, and successively starred in the American series Happy Together. The movies …

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