The 8 Unheard Dodge Muscle Cars


The Dodge is mainly known for producing high speed cars like the Charger and Challenger powered by anything between 5.7L Hemi to the Hellcat V8, producing 707 horsepower. in recent history, the company produced even more insane cars like Viper ACR, Demon, and Neon SRT4. But the main highlights have always been Dodge muscle cars.

Perhaps, the Dodge known for producing ever-gracing American muscles in the 1960s and early 1970s. Legends like Charger and Challenger were born in this era, along with other greats like Daytona, Coronet, and Super-Bee. Nearly everyone had heard of Dodge muscle cars produced in last three or four decades. Whereas there are some unheard names that will shock one, you can look at some of the most unheard Dodge muscles and could consider them adding to your collection.

8. Dodge Apsen Super Coupe

Dodge Muscle Cars - Dodge Apsen Super Coupe
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During 1970s, due to the fuel crisis there had been a significant amount of decrease in sales of Dodge Dart. After that Dodge thought of reinventing that magic and released the Dodge Aspen. Its V8 smogged out 360 cubic-inch thanks to a 3-speed Torqueflite transmission. Apsen can get upto 60 mph in 9.5 seconds. It had multicolored stripes on the side like GTO Judge and Pontiac Trans-Am. Only 530 units of Apsen manufactured.

7. Dodge Lancer

Dodge Muscle Cars - Dodge Lancer
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At the time of 90’s Dodge released badge engineered version of Plymouth Valiant, the next one of the Dodge muscle cars, Dodge Lancer. This Dodge produced a 60 mph time of 8.6 sec, faster than many V8s of the day. It is due to the straight-six engine with a 3-speed manual or 3-speed Torqueflite. Lancer was actually a performance beast that laid the line for upcoming Dodge’s NHRA drag cars, and proved to be the highest performing straight-six in an American car throughout the decade.

6. Dodge Custom 880

Dodge Custom 880
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The Dodge Custom 880 mainly built by taking the comfort in mind. The best engine option was the 426 cubic-inch “Max Wedge” V8 that gives 420 horsepower. It equipped with all the techs a 1960s car could possibly have including ACs, power windows, power steering, AM/FM radio, and tilt steering-wheel. Just over 100,000 of these built.

5. Dodge Mirada

Dodge Mirada
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The Dodge Miranda came in market to compete with the likes of top-selling Chevy Monte Carlo and Ford Thunderbird. Unfortunately, it was a flop due to its awkward looks and lacking performance. The 1980 CMX edition used a V8 capable of 185 horsepower that send this car to 60 mph in 9.4 sec. A little over 50,000 cars of these built by Dodge.

4. Dodge Magnum

Dodge Magnum
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When Dodge wasn’t left out with many options for NASCAR between 1975 and 1977, the solution came out with 1978 model Dodge Magnum. The Magnum was built on the B-body platform same as that of Charger and Coronet. It uses a small block V8 or a big block V8. It seemed promising in NASCAR, as Richard Petty got a second-place finish in Daytona 125.

3. Dodge Monaco

Dodge Muscle Cars - Dodge Monaco
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The Dodge Monaco was an absolute beast in terms of both design and performance. This car was driven by Jake Blues and Elwood in the climax scene of movie “Blues Brothers“. With its killer look, it ran on a V8 equipped with 4-speed MT that could get it to 60 mph in 6.7 sec. It could be found around $10,000, making Monaco of the cheapest ways to enjoy in a classic Dodge.

2. Dodge Polara 500

Dodge Polara 500
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In early 60’s, Dodge launched Polara 500 which went by several different names. It came with the variety of engines, with 383 cubic-inch V8, 426 cubic-inch “Max Wedge” V8, and the 440 cubic-inch V8 being the most popular. Polara 500 can get upto 60 mph in 6.6 sec. and can cover 1/4 mile in under 15 sec. The NHRA and NASCAR Dodge cars were based on the platform of this Polara 500.

1. Dodge Demon

Dodge Muscle Cars - 1971 Dodge Demon
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When the Dodge Demon word comes in mind people mainly think of Challenger based Demon that boasts a supercharged V8 producing over 800 hp. But that’s not how the Demon name was born. The first Demon model was available for two years only, from 1970 to 1972. The top model used a 340 cubic-inch small block capable of 300 hp and a 4-speed MT. This could get the Demon to 60 mph in just 6 sec., very much quick for a 70’s car. In the end, only 10,200 were produced ever.

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