Top 10 Best Electric Cars You Can Buy Used In 2023

There is not any doubt electric cars are the future, the ICE-powered cars are not for long enough. But the current market and the ongoing chip shortage have made the used prices skyrocketing. Current electric cars are selling higher as used, than their original selling price when they were new. But there are some EVs in the market you can get a great bargain for. Some electric cars offer the best on-road performance, but some offer great affordability for the price. The auto market is currently thriving with the used electric cars that offer a good bargain for the price. Let’s look at these 10 best used electric cars you can buy right now.

10. Volkswagen E-Up

2019-Volkswagen e-Up-in-white

Starting the top 10 best-used electric cars list with the Volkswagen e-Up. The electric version of the compact petrol car you will love driving around on crampy city roads. The e-Up was popular for its design and its urban road performance with its modern design. The VW e-Up packs a single electric motor that makes 83 hp and 212 Nm of torque. The car came with a 36.8-kWh battery of around 159 miles. The e-Up can accelerate from 0-60 mph in under 11.3 seconds and can achieve a top speed of 80 mph. You can find the e-Up at a great bargain in the used car market.

9. Renault Zoe


The Renault Zoe is yet another EV created as an original car just like the Nissan Leaf. Although it looks like a normal car it offers an entry-level 108-hp electric setup. The Zoe offers a driving range of a good 245 miles (which is just awesome for an entry-level EV) with its 52 kWh battery. The current used Renault Zoe sells for less than most new electric cars.

8. Nissan Leaf Electric


The Nissan Leaf is created from scratch instead of just electrifying any other ICE-powered car. The Leaf provides great comfort and performance and is still light on the pocket. The compact car is spacious and offers a great experience overall as a great electric car. The Nissan Leaf comes with a 147-hp single electric motor setup. It offers a good driving range of 200 miles with its 40 kWh battery. Overall it’s a great electric car if you have a charger set up at home and use it for city use.

7. Kia Soul EV


The Kia Soul EV is one of the best cars to buy when it comes to practicality and performance driving under budget. The Kia Soul electric makes over 201 hp and 294 lb-ft of torque from its electric powertrain. Soul EV can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 7.6 seconds and can achieve a top speed of 104 mph. On a full charge, the Kia Soul electric offers a driving range of 243 miles.

6. Volkswagen e-Golf


The Volkswagen Golf has been the golden standard and a hot hatch trendsetter which is going strong still today. The Golf is currently in its 8th generation thanks to its huge popularity and sales across the globe. The Volkswagen e-Golf packs a single electric motor that makes 134 horsepower. The e-Golf delivers an electric range of 125 miles with its 35.8 KW lithium-ion battery. The electric car can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 9.6 seconds and has a top speed of 94 mph. The EV offers great handling and precise steering and delivers superior performance.

5. BMW i3


This BMW is probably one of the coolest-looking compact sports EVs on the market right now. Built on the same bespoke platform as the VW ID.3, the BMW i3 sports a beautiful design and a high-tech comfortable cabin. The i3 features an electric motor that makes 170 hp of power delivered to the rear wheels. The BMW i3 is one of the best EVs if you want a stylish-looking car with efficient but capable performance.

4. Tesla Model 3


With a ferocious acceleration of 3.1 seconds and a driving range of over 358 miles, the Tesla Model 3 rips its rivals when it comes to specs. Dominated by the current affordable EV market, Tesla made sure the Model 3 offers both performance and long-range packed at an affordable price. Call it a downsized Model S, or the best affordable electric sedan, the Model 3 offers mostly everything at a great price. Sure the rivals such as the Ford Mustang Mach E and the Chevy Bolt EV offer a better fit-and-finish. The Tesla Model 3 delivers a better overall deal for the price with its incredible performance and ferocious driving experience.

3. Jaguar i-Pace


The Jaguar I-Pace with its all-electric drivetrain is a perfect blend of striking looks similar to the gas-powered F-Pace. The I-Pace is accompanied by a feature-rich cabin fitted with fine material choices and an electrifying experience. The electric car offers rapid acceleration with plenty of torque, along with sturdy driving with great handling. With a great cornering grip like a proper sports car would offer. To top of that, all of the Jag provide a range of more than 250 Miles and also support DC fast charging.

2. Tesla Model X


The Tesla Model X looks exciting and refreshed compared to other SUVs. It packs two electric motors with its base model that makes over 670 horsepower with all-wheel drive. The newest Plaid model packs three electric motors and makes over 1,020 hp with all-wheel drive and offers an acceleration of 2.5 seconds. Despite its size and body style, the Model X offers a pleasurable ride and offer a great thrill. The cabin is spacious and offers comfortable seats and tech features all over the car and can fit up to 7 people making it a perfect fit for your whole family.

1. Tesla Model S


The model S Plaid with its insane 1,020 hp tri-motor setup and over 417 miles of range packed a futuristic designed four-door body. A four-door electric sedan that offers a monstrous acceleration that supercars costing millions can’t match. Although the Porsche Taycan and Audi E-Tron GT offer a high-quality interior and more athletic driving packed in a traditional design. Tesla shines with its well-packed deal with its comfortable minimalistic interior, and futuristic semi-autonomous driving which buyers will be pleased to have.

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