Tom Cassell Car Collection & Net Worth

Tom Cassell born 23 June 1993, known online as Syndicate, is an English YouTuber and Twitch streamer. Regarded as one of the earlier known gaming personalities, his videography consisted of Let’s Play videos on Call of Duty and Minecraft. During his early life, Cassell developed a passion for a career in the gaming industry. He started with a gaming computer he bought using his money from McDonald’s. In 2008, he received a capture card to record his gameplay, and was inspired by quick montages of video game clips. On 3 September 2010, Cassell registered his gaming channel “TheSyndicateProject”, where he eventually found success and a large online community. As of now, Tom Cassell is currently single and not dating anybody. His estimated net worth stands at $7 Million, with a monthly earning of $60,000. Despite his small car collection, all of them are exciting and unique as well.


1. Audi R8

Thomas Cassell Audi

First in Toms’ car collection is the meanest monster Audi has ever created. He owns an Audi R8, a supercar where absolute power meets bold, and cutting-edge modern looks. The R8  offers the absolute best of what you can get from the German automaker’s flagship performance supercar. The R8 features a sprinting naturally aspirated V10 engine that shells out 562 horsepower. Paired with a sporty 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and Quattro all-wheel drive, the R8 is a beast of another breed.

2. Jaguar F-Type


aguar F-type P450 lineup goes all V-8, which replaces the previous supercharged V6 and turbocharged inline-four. The F-type P450, which now serves as the entry model will be the last ICE version before the brand goes all-electric. As history suggests, manual transmission paired with a V8 and an RWD is a driver’s choice. This new one is so neutral around the corners, that you won’t feel a difference whether it’s an AWD or RWD. The latest RWD F-type has been tuned more for greater handling at moderately high speeds. The cabin is splattered with leather, along with well-aged rich materials and the latest digital screens.

3. Mercedes-AMG GT R


And this next supercar is not just fast but is insane looks. You just can’t get eye’s off that (I know I couldn’t) machine going over street. This Mercedes AMG GTR is powered by a 4.0L V8 producing over 523 bhp and can go 0-60 mph on just 3.3 seconds and has a top speed of 202 mph with a price tag of $163,000.

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