Top 10 Best Looking Colors On Audi Cars

A List of Top 10 Best Looking Colors On Audi Cars

Audi is know for having the best paint quality, so, this is a list of Best Looking Colors On Audi Cars that bring out the sporty looks. Audi Exclusive’s catalog goes above and beyond, offering five finishes to create an art gallery of personalized Audis. Metallic, Pearl Effect, Uni, Matte, and Crystal Effect choices turn each car into something truly special. These colors and finishes have stood the test of time. This ensures Audi customers can revel in their individuality and unique style. These are the top ten most attractive colors on Audi automobiles.

1. Mercato Blue

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Mercato Blue is a special paint color from Audi, exuding sophistication and sportiness. This unique blend catches the light with intensity, accentuating the car’s lines for a dynamic appearance. Unlike louder colors, it stands out in its own right, reflecting a sense of style with performance. Reminiscent of Lamborghini’s Monterey Blue, Mercato Blue adds a touch of luxury to Audi’s glorious palette. Witness its allure on the Audi RS7 Sportback, where it showcases its deep and rich hues, elevating the car’s exterior to a new level of allure.

2. Nardo Grey

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Audi’s Nardo Grey color exudes sleekness and modernity. With a cool undertone and polished appearance, it captivates onlookers with its electrifying pull. Introduced in 2013 on the V8-powered Audi RS7, this matte gray shade adds depth and dimension, enhancing the lines and contours of any Audi model. Its versatility makes it a perfect choice for a range of Audi cars. Its popularity has inspired other manufacturers like BMW and Honda to introduce their own variations of medium gray. Among the Best Looking Colors On Audi Cars, Nardo Grey remains an alluring and timeless choice.

3. Garnet Red

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Garnet Red, an immensely passionate colour, is a highly popular and rare color preferred by Audi aficionados. This bright color conveys elegance and refinement, inspired by the deep red tint of the rare gemstone garnet. It is the ideal solution for enhancing the lines and outside of your Audi and adding a touch of refinement to its look. Garnet Red, a hue that will never go out of style, exudes a feeling of passion and vitality that captivates observers. Take a peek at how stunning this ABT Audi RS6 Wagon appears in this enticing color. Garnet Red stands out as a symbol of eternal beauty and appeal among the Best Looking Colors On Audi Cars.

4. Merlin Purple

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Merlin Purple, a beautiful and mysterious color, is the pinnacle of exclusivity for Audi fans. This stunning purple, inspired by the mythical character of Merlin, emanates a captivating aura everywhere it goes. Merlin Purple’s pearl sheen morphs under different lighting settings, distinguishing it from more traditional colors. The name itself has an enchantment about it, which adds to the attractiveness of this distinct tone. Merlin Purple reigns supreme as the choice for individuals seeking a bit of enchantment and luxury in their Audi.

5. Solar Orange

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Solar Orange, with its vibrant hues, distinguishes out as one of Audi’s most attractive colors. In automotive history, this strong hue of orange, similar to Chevrolet Camaro’s Vivid Orange, was usually reserved for fast automobiles. Its high-energy, vibrant personality emanates confidence and passion, attracting attention everywhere an Audi dressed in Solar Orange goes. This hue suits Audi’s sporty models wonderfully, emphasizing their aggressive and high-performance design components with an eye-catching and unique finish.

6. Riviera Blue

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Exuding an exotic and captivating aura, Riviera Blue stands out as one of the most vibrant finishes available for Audi cars. This attention-grabbing shade of blue is synonymous with excitement and is a true icon for high-performance Audis. If you seek a vehicle with a performance-oriented nature, Riviera Blue should be at the top of your list. Beloved and recognized on the Audi R8, this color adds a distinctive personality to the car. Among the Best Looking Colors On Audi Cars, Riviera Blue shines as a must-have choice that exudes exhilaration.

7. Goodwood Green Pearl


Goodwood Green Pearl is an exclusive classic shade with a dark green hue and pearl finish which is just marvellous. A loyal customer’s love for their Goodwood Green Pearl Audi endured for 16 years, leading them to choose the same finish for their new Audi RS3. The decision proved worthwhile, highlighting Goodwood Green Pearl’s enduring charm among the Best Looking Colors On Audi Cars.

8. Ipanema Brown Metallic

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The Ipanema Brown Metallic is Audi’s warm, earthy, and highly exclusive color. Inspired by Ipanema Beach, it exudes natural beauty and warmth. Unlike others, Audi’s shade stands out with its rich elegance, matching their high standards. This versatile hue perfectly complements Audi’s unmatched design language, embodying both refinement and luxury. A true gem in Audi’s palette.

9. Viper Green


Audi’s distinctive and exclusive color is Viper Green. This brilliant color communicates luxury while also being dramatic and eye-catching. It adorns the RS3 Sedan, lending it a sporty air. Audi’s vivid greens, such as Java Green on the RS Q8, give its vehicles a distinct personality. Interestingly, the Java Green RS Q8 just broke the Nurburgring Production SUV record, demonstrating the allure of these colours. Audi’s Viper Green is a hue that excitees and creates an impact.

10. Sprint Blue

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Sprint Blue, a match made in heaven for the Audi S5 Cabriolet. Its cool tones perfectly suit the al fresco driving experience. While other manufacturers experiment with exciting blues like Bentley’s Spark Blue, nothing compares to Audi’s exotic yet elegant Sprint Blue. Replicating this look on any other car would be a challenge. If warm weather is your norm, Sprint Blue is the winning choice!

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