2023 VinFast VF8 Price, Motor, Battery, Range, Top-Speed, 0-60 Mph & Features

VinFast VF8 Specifications & Features

Startups are paving the way for the post-gas age all over the world, and the Vietnam-based automaker VinFast will soon compete in the American EV market with its 2023 VinFast VF8 two-row, five-seater SUV. The three-row VF9, which would be here shortly, will join it, and the corporation claims that both models will be put together in a 2000-acre factory in North Carolina that is still under construction. Although price and complete specifications are not yet available, the VF8 is supposed to be about the size of a Ford Bronco, and we have already sampled a 348-horsepower Eco prototype. We also briefly drove a higher-output Pro prototype with a 402-hp powerplant. According to VinFast, the VF8 will be available in the US with two battery pack configurations, two different maximum driving ranges (ranging from 179 to 260 miles), and basic all-wheel drive.

What’s New?

The initial batch of VF8 SUVs will be produced and imported from Vietnam as we wait for VinFast’s 2000-acre stretch of land to blossom into an EV-assembling city. According to VinFast, localizing production to the US will begin around 2024. The VF8 will resemble a Ford Bronco in size and have two rows and five seats. This places it with other EVs like the BMW iX and Tesla Model X in the electric mid-size crossover and SUV class. The Pininfarina design team was in charge of the VF8. The instrumentation is centered on a main screen and head-up display, much like a Tesla.

VinFast VF8 Motor, Battery, Range & Performance

  • 2023 VinFast VF8
  • 2023 VinFast VF8

Every VF8 has a two-motor, all-wheel-drive electric drivetrain. At a minimum, the base model must have 348 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. The Zippier Plus model produces 457 pound-feet of torque and 402 horsepower. These figures are based on prototypes, but official information and test results from vehicles intended for the U.S. market ought to be available soon. The VF8’s City Edition Eco trim will have a battery with adequate energy for an estimated 207 miles of driving range, however, the City Edition Plus would only go 179 miles on a single charge. Longer driving ranges of 260 and 248 miles will be possible with the Eco and trims, respectively. The size and power of the battery have not yet been disclosed, but VinFast claims that its Eco battery can DC fast-charge from 10 to 70% in just 26 minutes.

VinFast VF8 Mileage

When we learn the fuel economy estimates for the VF8, we’ll update this article. The EPA hasn’t yet provided an estimate.


2023 VinFast VF8 TrimsPrice (USD)
City Edition Eco$47,200
City Edition Plus$54,200
VF8 Price

The City Edition Eco and City Edition Plus variants, which are less expensive but have a smaller battery pack and less range, will make up the first batch of 999 VF8s. Later, Eco and trims with one of two battery packs will be added to the lineup, with the Eco having the longest range at 260 miles on a single charge. The Eco may have the greatest driving range, but the Plus model offers more opulent options like a glass roof, leather seats, and captain’s chairs in the second row.

Specifications, Quarter Mile, 0-60 Mph & Top-Speed

2023 VinFast VF8 SpecificationsSpecs
Motorpermanent magnet AC
Horsepower402 hp
Torque457 lb-ft
0-60 MPHNA
0-100 MPHNA
1/4 MileNA
VF8 Specs

More Features

Although having a rather classic design and using a lot of plastic, the interior is brightened by a sizable sunroof. If the VF8’s rear hatch area is fully loaded, there is also a frunk for additional cargo room. Similar to the Tesla Model Y, a sizable 15.6-inch dashboard-mounted touchscreen functions as both an infotainment touchscreen and a digital gauge display. Users may interact with the system without disturbing the display thanks to a voice assistant. Other features include inbuilt video games and an integrated e-commerce service to help pass the time while charging.

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