Upcoming Lexus EV Concept Will Debut At The Tokyo Motor Show

Lexus has teased their upcoming EV concept. It will made debut at the Tokyo Motor Show happening next month.

The EV is set to go on production in 2026 before Lexus plans to electrify their entire lineup in 2035.

The Lexus EV will compete with the BMW and the Mercedes' new electrified platform.

The upcoming Lexus EV Concept will offer a low-slung design giving it a saloon-ish look allowing for more space inside the car.

The car will offer a new-age battery tech and high-end electric motors and will offer a range of 800 Km with Toyota's new battery tech.

With an extensive market infiltration in the India market. The automaker is set to release more electrified and ICE-powered cars.

Know more about the upcoming Lexus EV concept supercar.

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