Worlds First Flying Car Airport Opens In U.K

Urban-AIR opens the worlds first flying car airport called AIr-One Vertiport in the United Kingdom. The company plans to open over 200 airports globally during the span of 5 years.


The Urban-Airport is opening its first Air-One site that shows plans for a smart vertiport. The new Air-One is believed to be the epicenter of the coming innovation in zero-carbon emission transportation. Urban-Air is planning to break ground on its first location and hopes to reveal the practical usage of its global infrastructure of automated vertiports. 

The company has plans to build a network of its Air-One vertiports around the United Kingdom. Their first vertiport will be made on their testing site with real-world analysis. The project is innovative and new, it could bring a revolution to the global transportation system. The U.K government backed project will help to start things on the ground. 

According to the company, the vertiports will help the transportation of both goods and people from one place to another. With a green automated mobility solution, the company hopes to decrease road congestion and traffic. 

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Flying Car Airport
Flying Car Airport

The Air-One vertiport will mark the first step towards the expansion of building more than 200 ports across the globe. Urban-Air also has plans for automated drones, acting as a taxi service for human passengers. While also acts as a hub for air freight that can be controlled by drones. The port takes a very small footprint to build. So, with a small size and footprint, these vertiports can be built in several locations around. The company will build floating ports called Marine One, skyscraper topping ports called Air One and the locations on the ground called Terra One. Helping the mass air transit to move goods and people. 

This technology and the idea of innovation will help more companies minds around the globe to build a network of automated drone systems like this. 

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