YouTuber Mastu Luxury Car Collection


YouTuber Mastu’s Luxurious Car Collection

French YouTuber Mastu, also known as Théo, has amassed an impressive subscriber base of 5.26 million. His journey to YouTube stardom began when he caught the attention of Amixem during the “FantaXYou” campaign organized by Webedia, alongside his friend Neoxi, whom Amixem had spoken to earlier at a Pizza Guys party. Despite being a shy and reserved individual since his primary school days, Théo excelled academically, balancing his time between studies and video games. His second year in Lycée GT proved to be a turning point, as he found fulfillment and made lasting friendships. On November 22, 2015, Mastu released his first video titled “MY NEW CAMERA,” paving the way for vlogs and later transitioning into gaming content. With an estimated net worth of $5 million, Mastu’s success is evident as we delve into his car collection.

YouTuber Mastu Car CollectionPrice (USD)
Mercedes-Benz E-Class$74,000

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

YouTuber Mastu

The E-class sedan presents executive transport infused with the distinctive Mercedes-Benz charm, delivering an abundance of class and substance comparable to its flagship, the S-class, albeit with a more approachable demeanor. Embracing an entry-level E350 model, drivers can revel in the prowess of a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, boasting 255 horsepower, while opting for the E450 unleashes a fiery 375 horsepower through its turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six. Standard all-wheel drive ensures a confident ride, and each model arrives lavishly equipped with an array of driver-assistance and infotainment features. Though competitors like the Audi A6 and the BMW 5-series may offer similar space and equipment, neither possess the prestigious allure synonymous with the revered Mercedes-Benz badge.

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