YouTuber Swagger Sharma Car Collection And Net Worth


Shivam Sharma Car Collection

Born on November 17, 1995, Swagger Sharma, also recognized as Shivam Sharma, has garnered immense popularity as an Indian Comedian YouTuber. His journey to fame commenced with the release of the video “Sharing Cab with Ex,” which swiftly went viral on YouTube, amassing over 15 million views and approximately 500k likes. Boasting a subscriber count exceeding 4 million on his YouTube channel, Shivam, along with his sister, has shared glimpses of their life on Instagram. Having pursued his education at Army School Meerut, he furthered his studies in Agriculture in Delhi. Despite excelling academically, Sharma’s aspiration to become an actor or model steered him towards YouTube. Swagger Sharma’s estimated net worth currently rests at $650,000, prompting curiosity about his automobile collection.

Swagger Sharma Car CollectionPrice (USD)
Honda City$20,000

Honda City

Swagger Sharma Honda

Standing proudly as a triumphant mid-size sedan within the Indian market, the Honda City has achieved remarkable success throughout its journey. With a high-performance petrol engine, a plethora of features, abundant space, and exceptional fuel economy, it has undeniably captured the hearts of many. Now, get ready to be amazed as the Honda City undergoes a striking redesign, emerging with a wealth of cutting-edge features, including the mind-boggling level one ADAS feature – truly a game-changer! In a bold and decisive move, Honda has chosen to bid farewell to the diesel variant this time. However, worry not, for they introduce two enticing engine options, including a 1.0-liter Turbocharged Petrol powerhouse that delivers an impressive 122 bhp at 5500 RPM and a robust 173 NM of torque. Brace yourselves for an unparalleled driving experience that will leave you in awe!

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