About Us

21motoring provides you the daily dose of Automotive Updates, News, Celebrity Car Collection and Much More. If you’re an car enthusiast then this is the right place for you to explore the world of Automotive. For Quick updates you can follow us on Google News and Instagram.

Our Team

Sushant Khokhar

Sushant is the founder of 21motoring media company. He is a Mechanical Engineer who has been passionate about cars since he was a child. He started his career by working in different industries, but because of his true interest in the automobile, he turned back and started this company. 

Nikhil Singh

Nikhil is an auto enthusiast turned writer who loves everything that has four wheels and an ear-pleasing engine inside. He is a keen admirer of both modern innovation and nostalgic blasts from the past. He loves to talk about anything having an engine and has used modern science to create a modern marvel. (Content Writer)


He is an automobile enthusiast who writes about them. Vineet has been passionate about cars and bikes ever since he was a child, always reading up on the latest models and watching shows. Vineet especially fond of Italians, whether a Lamborghini or a Ducati, and always looking for opportunities to take them for a spin. Hope all these words below are informational for you’ll. (Content Writer)

Manik Jain

Manik is a decent car guy who not just writes about them but feels about them. He is a Computer Science engineer who is truly in love with cars.  (Content Writer)


Rahul is a 24-year-old Computer Science Engineer who looks at the SEO and content creation of 21motoring. He is also a graphic designer who creates amazing visual images for the company. (SEO Expert)