Top 10 Best SUVs For Student To Buy In 2023

Hyundai Kona EV

SUVs are in trend now a days a people are moving from sedans to SUV. Compact SUVs are more fun to drive, luxury and have a lot of space to store something or for leg room or head space. This segment is consider to be best for day to day life and good at performance …

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Top 10 Best Sedan For Student To Buy In 2023

Honda Civic Type R

Sedan is one of the most important segment which gives you better performance and space for day-to-day life. Now a days people are more focused on SUV or Compact SUVs but there is a special place for sedan because the have amazing aerodynamics, space, features and awesome fuel economy. Although now world is changing and …

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Top 10 Best Coupe Cars For Student To Buy In 2023

Toyota GR86

Sporty looks, unique design, crazy performance, and a lot more drama are there to fall in love with the coupes and this is the only choice for a student. These segment cars are not hard to live with, thanks to their four-seater design and plenty of room in the cabin. While some have no rear …

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Top 10 Cool Used Cars For Students To Buy In 2023

When you’re a student then you need a car with insane aggressive looks and awesome performance but you have a low budget. Then you should go with good used performance hatchbacks and sports/coupe cars because both of them have good performance, looks and can be in budget of under $20,000. The performance aspect of these …

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