10 Six-Cylinder Sports Cars Everyone Should Avoid Buying

1994 Ford Probe

Overview With the V8s dominating all other engines with power, the Six-cylinder engines are no less than the V8s, These Six-cylinder engines can come very close to the V8s with better fuel economy and less price. But there are a few vehicles with Six-Cylinder engines that are significantly underpowered. Here is a list of 10 …

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American Performance Cars That Deserved More Attention

Plymouth Prowler

American performance cars are popular all over the globe. Their cars got so much attention but not all. It gives the same feeling as seeing your crush hang out with someone ugly. These kinds of cars failed to connect with the customers maybe because of bad marketing or because entered the market at the wrong …

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10 Used Six-Cylinder Cars You Should Avoid Buying


These are the 10 six-cylinder used cars that may turn out to be one of the worst nightmares. They may have engine failures or transmission issues, or other issues. Overview While the V8s have always been popular for their powerful performance, the six-cylinder cars are also decently powerful. Modern-day sports cars have become decently powerful …

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