This Was The First Car Of Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner First Car

Kylie Jenner Car Collection is worth millions of dollars today. But the Question is what was the first car of Kylie Jenner. Jenner is a 24 years old American media personality, model, businesswoman, socialite and Mom. She has started her career with a reality television series E Keeping Up With The …

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Kendall Jenner Spotted With Her New Land Rover Defender

Kendall Jenner Cars

There is no need to introduce Kendall Jenner, She herself is a brand. With over 254 Million followers on Instagram Jenner is hitting the social media. Not just Kendall but all Kardashian sisters are like this. They all are businessperson and models. Kendall break all records when she become the …

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Classic Cars of Kendall Jenner Can Easily Impress You

Kendall Jenner Car Collection

Kendall Jenner car collection is huge which includes lots of supercar, vintage and luxury vehicle. Jenner AKA Kendall Nicole Jenner is a 26 years old model, actor and fashion designer. She is the daughter of Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner. Jenner got fame from the T.V. show keeping up with the Kardashians, …

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Most Expensive Cars In Kylie Jenner Garage

Most Expansive Cars Of Kylie Jenner

Overview These are the Most Expensive Cars In Kylie Jenner Garage which includes Bugatti, LaFerrari, Rolls Royce and much more. As we all know that Kardashians / Jenner are one of the richest and famous women in world and Kylie is one of those sisters who rule the planet in …

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10 Hilariously Custom Cars Celebrity Drive

Mercedes Benz AMG GT Will.I.Am

Overview These are the 10 Hilariously Custom Cars Celebrity Drive which costs over hundreds of thousand to Million Dollars. Celebrities are often people others look up to and who set trends that, in many cases, start new obsessions or style to do things differently. Famous personality like Kylie Jenner, CR7, …

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