Amanda Sorensen Car Collection And Net Worth

Amanda Sorenson Car collection

Amanda Sorenson is a famous Formula Drifter and one of three women’s in America who have a Pro 2 license. Being the youngest of all Amanda draws a mass load of attention to herself from the fans and car enthusiasts. In her early days being inspired from her father who was a racer, she started …

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Top 10 Japanese Fun To Drive Cars Under $10,000 In 2023

Top 10 Japanese Sports Cars Under $10,000 In 2023

Japanese sports cars have been an important part of the automotive world since the 1960s. These vehicles are known for their blend of performance, reliability, and affordability, and have captured the attention of enthusiasts and casual drivers alike. Some of the most iconic Japanese sports cars include the Toyota Supra, Mazda RX-7, Nissan GT-R, and …

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Top 10 Most Reliable Sports Car Brands In 2023

Top 10 Most Reliable Sports Car Brands

When it comes to sports cars, reliability may not be the first factor that comes to mind. However, there are several sports car brands that have a reputation for being both exciting to drive and dependable. Some of the most reliable sports car brands in the world include Caterham, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, and Toyota. These brands …

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10 Most Successful JDM Sports Cars You Can Buy In 2023


Throughout the years, Japanese automakers have made some of the most incredible cars on the market. Whether it’s their unique looks or their high tuning abilities, these JDM sports cars are everybody’s favorite. Compared to the European cars, the Japanese have developed the nature of pushing boundaries. When automakers were using massive V8 engines, Japanese …

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10 Affordable JDM Cars That Should Be Avoided

Mitsubishi GT3000

Overview The Japanese Domestic Market is known for its exotic car production resulting in many beautiful cars. JDM cars are meant to be sold in their own market but many of the vehicles are being exported because of the kind of performance these vehicles deliver. The JDM has seen many iconic cars over the years …

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