BMW M4 Manhart MH4 600 Price, Engine, Top Speed & Performance

BMW M4 Manhart MH4 600

The German tuner Manhart is back with a powerful BMW and this time its a M4 Coupe which will make 635 horsepower. Manhart is known for its visually and technically large scale car conversions from basic to high performance. They have done amazing work with MH3 600, MH3 GTR and MH4 GTRII and all of …

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2024 Lamborghini Invencible & Autentica: Price, Top Speed & 0-60mph

Lamborghini Invencible

Finally the Italian supercar manufacturer introduce the last V12 engine super sports car which is Lamborghini Invencible & Autentica. Both of the cars are one-off, Invencible is a coupe body style where Autentica is a Roadster. Also they gets identical powertrain which is the Lamborghini’s most popular 6.5-liters Natural-Aspirate V12 engine. The cars get insane …

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