New Electric SSC Tuatara will Get AWD

Electric SSC Tuatara

New Electric SSC Tuatara is the next limited-edition SSC Tuatara hypercar. Earlier, in May this hyper machine hit a speed of 295 mph. But from reports, it looks like things might get more exciting. SSC CEO and founder Jerod Shelby announced that an electrified version of the Tuatara is on the way, and will likely … Read more

Sports Cars with Maximum Torque On Board

Sports Cars with Maximum Torque

Overview Sports Cars with maximum torque are the ones that make you feel all the g-force when you hit the throttle. All car shoppers attract to the horsepower rating of a vehicle, but that is not what matters the most. Without torque, there is no horsepower because horsepower just tells you how quickly torque is … Read more