Top 10 Luxury Performance Convertible Cars In 2023

A convertible is way more interesting as compare to coupe or sedan. They gives more adventurous and crazy driving experience which is not there in any type. If you need a weekend sports car then you should go for a convertible. A expensive convertible is what you can buy for high money to get high end features, quality, luxury and performance. These are some of the most expensive production convertible cars available in market you can buy in 2023. So here we go with the list of 10 Best Expensive Convertible Cars.

10. BMW M8 – $144,695

Starting with the full size German performance convertible. It is power by 4.4-liters Twin-Turbocharge V8 engine which is insane at high performance and high acceleration. The aggressive beast is a finest fun to drive and can be use for the daily drive too. Most of the expensive convertibles are not made for day to day use they are for weekends or sports day. But you can use M8 for daily use but it has a mileage of 15 MPG in city and 22 on highway.

09. Mercedes SL – $179,150

The newly launch Mercedes-Benz SL-Class is a perfect super convertible with tons of power and aggressive looks. This convertible is power by 4.0-liters Bi-Turbo V8 engine which is further connect with a all-wheel-drive drivetrain. The SL delivers approximately 14 MPG in city and 21 MPG on highway which is pretty decent for this vehicle. SL is a smooth driving cabriolet with high performance.

08. Porsche 911 Turbo S Convertible – 218,650

With unmatched driving experience and high performance motor this 911 is a charming car. It has a wild 3.0-liters Twin-Turbo H6 engine with rear-wheel-drive. If you need a cabriolet with smooth drive, amazing performance and everyday use then this is what you’re looking for. The iconic design of Porsche is also a reason for being the best sports car in the world.

07. Audi R8 – $223,595

With a similar motor as in Lamborghini this German badass sportscar is one of the most important and decent in this list. The Audi R8 is power by 5.2-liters Naturally-Aspirate V10 engine which make over 600 horsepower and 602 NM of Torque. The R8 is a good looking wild car which gives you the amazing driving experience. It gives 13 MPG mileage in city and 18 MPG on highway.

06. Bentley Continental GT – $242,325

Bentley is known for smooth driving and luxurious cabin. With high end engine this giant and powerful luxury vehicle is one of a kind. A powerful 4.0-liters Twin-Turbo V8 engine is connect with all wheel drive drivetrain which makes this beast even cooler. The Bentley is a top notch vehicle and is own by some powerful people in world. It has a starting price tag of $242,325 and go up if you add some more customizations.

05. Lamborghini Huracan EVO – $271,695

Here we have a super convertible with some badass specifications. Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder is power by 5.2-liters Naturally-Aspirate V10 engine which develop power up to 601 horsepower and 610 NM of Torque. Huracan convertible gets a starting price tag of $271,695 and can rise up if you add some more customizations.

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04. Aston Martin DBS – $352,886

Aston Martin DBS have a muscular design and ultimate number of performance. It has a 5.2-liters Twin-Turbocharge V12 engine that is connect with rear-wheel-drive drivetrain. The DBS is capable to give over 14 MPG mileage in city and 22 MPG on highway. The British badass vehicle gets a starting price of $352,886 which is pretty good for a Aston Martin.

03. Rolls Royce Dawn – $356,500

When you talk about Masterpiece then one thing comes to your mind is Rolls Royce. This ultra luxury convertible is a perfect vehicle for daily drive, weekends and long journey. A 6.6-liters Twin-Turbocharge V12 engine is capable to produce 563 Horsepower and 850 NM of Torque. The Dawn is a top notch vehicle with insane features and high-end quality used inside.

02. McLaren 765LT – $385,000

The McLaren 765LT is a 2 seater vehicle with single trim which starts at $385,000. This beast is power by 4.0-liters Twin-Turbocharge V8 engine and rear-wheel-drive. The McLaren 765LT can deliver estimated mileage of 14 MPG in city and 18 MPG on highway. This vehicle is best in class with beautiful design.

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01. Ferrari 812 – $405,450

Here we go with this most expensive, powerful with amazingly designed and loaded with tons of features, The Ferrari 812 Convertible. Ferrari 812 is the latest GT car in the lineup of Ferrari cars. Under the hood it has a 6.5-liters Naturally Aspirated V12 engine and rear wheel drive. Few cars are such fitting conveyance to black-tie events or weekends at the winery. This beautiful supercar comes with a price tag of $405,450 making it the most expensive convertible in this list.

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