Top 10 Luxury Cars With Worst Driving You Should Avoid In 2023

Avoid Buying These 10 Exotic Cars

It is a stereotype in today’s world that with money luxury and driving experience goes hand in hand. These cars are categorized in exotic and expensive cars because of there price point. The terrible driving experience does not justifies the price in any way.

Cars are believed to be a mode of transport for majority of the population . The other people the car fanatics knows , what so called “Mode of Transport” can do with just Wheels , Engine and Steering. There is always a common discussion point with brands and features of different cars. Some prefer on the more economical and practical like cars from Toyota , Ford , Suzuki etc. There some automakers that not only make exotic and expensive cars but believe in making engineering marvels breaking all records everyday like Bugatti , Ferrari , Pagani etc. Some makers make these exotic cars with driver’s experience in mind but some focus only on building just record breakers. For instance , Offering the luxury passenger experience the Maybach 57 fails when it comes to driving it. Take a look at some exotic cars that are terrible when it comes to driving experience.

10. Maybach 57

maybach-58-exotic cars
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Maybach Brand by DaimlerChrysler built the Maybach 57 in early 2000’s reviving the Maybach brand . Stacked with a 5.5 liter twin turbocharged V12 that generates 540 HP in the base versions and comes with a price tag of $360,000. The longer wheelbase version The Maybach 62 is priced at $1.35 Million .They are more in passenger experience rather than drivers experience.

9. Mercedes Benz EQS

mercedes-EQS-exotic cars
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The S-Class of electric vehicles The Mercedes Benz EQS is the best in class in EV Categories . Coming at a price point of $102,000 The EQS is not cheap but cannot deliver the hyped up comfort and experience. EQS comes in two variants of different battery sizes a 100 KWh and 120 KWh giving 360 to 480 miles of range . Unresponsiveness and hammering around twisty turns EQS gives terrible experience as a driver.

8. BMW X6

BMW-X6_exotic cars
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BMW X6 is the first car of Coupe SUV segment introduced by BMW inspired by the hit X5. The X6 is a massive , ugly and expensive but is hit on market trend. BMW X6 was costlier than X5 but was less practical than it. The sloping roofline reduced the headspace even less than 3 series and was terrible while driving . Yet , There is a huge demand for the X6 and BMW still produces it .

7. Audi SQ7

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The first generation Audi Q7 was one the most popular vehicles . Later , Audi introduced SQ7 with a massive 6 liter V12 Diesel engine. This was the first car in production with the largest engine ever. Even though , SQ7 was unable to make it even near to the first gen Audi Q7 in terms of sale . This hit Audi and they changed it back to basic twin turbo V8 from Audi Q8. This brought SQ7 in the competition with the other same category already booming cars like Urus , Bentayga and Cayenne . Hulky and Bulky design with bad driving experience as compared to other cars , SQ8 was preferred over SQ7.

6. Lincoln Blackwood

The idea of luxurious pickup by Ford is what made Lincoln Blackwood. Lincoln made Black wood as a luxurious pickup made over a basic Ford F-150 . Adding luxury trims , faux-wood paneling and a bed trunk at back blackwood was the first luxurious pickup . The Blackwood had a single engine 5.4 liter V8 with a rear wheel drive same as F-150 and bad in driving experience . This resulted blackwood to be big flop as it was an expensive pickup priced at $50,000 .

5.Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet

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Mercedes-Benz G650 the famous SUV and Off Roader is competing with Jeep Wrangler and Toyota Land Cruiser . Maybach took this to a different platform making G650 Landaulet bringing the luxury as an add on . G650 was a facelift version of normal G-class but with landaulet roof . With portal axis and twin turbo V12 generating 620 hp it is priced at $1.2 million.

4. Polestar 1

polestar 1-volvo
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Polestar 1 is the adaptation of Volvo S90 sedan but more on looks . The stylish 2 door coupe comes with a twin-charged inline mated with two electric motors giving out 600 horsepower combined . The electronics in Polestar 1 pricks a a lot and hinders the experience. Polestar 1 is priced at $150,000 that makes it quite expensive as compared to driving experience.

3. Ferrari F355 F1

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Carrying the legacy F355 from 348 , F355 was redesigned and had engine upgrades . In test runs F355 had major issues with engine that Ferrari did not notice until post production. The engine problems lead owners with high cost repairs. Even though the major problem was with Ferrari’s F1 style flappy-paddle gearbox. It was slow , clunky and made the driving experience so terrible , Owners started replacing these gearboxes with manual transmission.

2. Aston Martin Vanquish

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Following the F355 the Vanquish also had the flappy-paddle gearbox. This made transmission a big task degrading the driving experience. Transmission on Vanquish was slow and took an eternity to change a gear at low speeds . Vanquish S is supposed to be an upgrade removing all the problems , yet it had the same problem . Ian Callum the designer of original Vanquish owns a shop providing enhanced version of transmission improving the driving experience .

1. Mercedes Maybach GLS 600

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The Maybach GLS 600 is the Royal version of GLS SUV . Maybach entered the competition against Rolls Royce Cullinan and Bentley Bentayga with GLS 600 . Added with softer leather , reducing seat count to 4 and more .The Maybach grill on the outside speaks for the luxury but the inside GLS gives terrible driving experience .

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