10 Facts You Should Known About Alpine F1 Team

The Alpine F1 team, formerly known as Renault, has made its way into the Formula One midfield in the season. 


It was launched as the BWT Alpine F1Team for the 2022 Formula One season. The team has gone through a major redesign and a complete new overhaul for this year’s season to compete for the midfield position and with the Alfa Romeo F1 team in this year’s season. Renault took the best opportunity to rebrand itself and spread awareness when popular F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo didn’t extend his contract with the team. This year Alpine signed two time World champion and former Renault legend, Fernando Alonso. Though Alonso managed to win the Hungarian Grand Prix, he couldn’t turn around the things with the newly branded Alpine. But there are the 10 facts every enthusiast or any F1 lover should know about the Alpine F1 team.

10. One Of The Longest History In F1 

Renault F1 Car

Before Alpine or Renault, the F1 team was owned by Lotus Cars and was run by Renault from 2002s. The history dates back to 1977 when Renault entered Formula 1 as a manufacturer and a parts supplier for the Formula One cars. 

9. Based In the United Kingdom

Silverstone Circuit

While the team is undoubtedly very French, the team is based in the United Kingdom. They have their HQ and marketing base in Paris but just like many teams, it is also based on the Silverstone Circuit

8. Lotus Cars 

Lotus F1 Car

Lotus cars entered F1 in 2010 when they bought a 25% stake where they were in charge of the power unit and the design of the car. The team was less to great success by the former Ferrari driver Kimi. But after various financial instability, the future of the team was in dark. 

7. Renault F1 Team

Renault F1 Team

After huge financial trouble, Renault bought the entire team from Lotus and rebranded them as the Renault F1 Team. They signed Kevin Magnussen and Jolyon Palmer for the 2016 season. Though the 2016 season didn’t work out for the new team. Renault managed to score many sponsors such as Microsoft, Total, etc. 

6. Red Bull Supplier

Red Bull F1 CAr

Renault has been the largest engine and parts supplier of any brand in Formula 1. They made the most of the money by supplying parts, and power units to many other teams. Renault powered the Red Bull car’s engines to four consecutive championship victories. But due to various technical difficulties and reliability issues. Red Bull changed their supplier in 2019

5. The Star Driver

Daniel Ricciardo Renault


After a few years in Red Bull, Daniel Ricciardo decided to sign up with Renault after seeing the rise of Max Verstappen. And after choosing Renault as his team, Ricciardo managed to secure two podium finishes in the 2019 Formula One season. 

4. Rebranding 

Alpine F1 Team

With Ricciardo leaving Renault for McLaren, Renault sought the perfect opportunity to rebrand their team and brought a new team manager along with some more management-level changes. It helped them to also secure the partnership with BWT for the 2022 Season.

3. Hungarian GP Victory

Estaban Ocon Hungarian Grand Prix Win

Throughout the season, Alpine seemed to get better. Whether it comes to their pace and cars. Their strategy finally came in motion and worked out as they won the Hungarian Grand Prix with Estaban Ocon as their lead driver. 

2. Podium At Qatar GP

Fernando Alonso Qatar GP Podium

The 2021 season wasn’t a really good start for the team as their car was slow and couldn’t pick up the pace. Both Estaban Ocon and Fernando Alonso worked real hard to secure at least a good midfield position; they were pushed back by the poor performance of the car. But during the Qatar Grand Prix, Alonso found his pace and secured a podium for the Alpine F1 team

1. Competing With Mercedes In 2022

Mercedes Vs. Alpine F1

Mercedes F1 team hasn’t had the very best start in the 2022 season. Their cars were just too slow in a straight line compared to Red Bull and Ferrari. And Alpine took advantage of the situation and pulled real hard to secure each and every point possible. They decided to compete with the 8-time champions. Fernando Alonso pushed very hard at the Imola Grand Prix beating both Ferrari and Red Bull. 

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