9 Things You Should Know About The Ariel Hipercar

If there is a single word that describes Ariel Hipercar, it’s malignant. That is one of the best ways that to describe this beast of a machine. Man, this beast is fast and a vicious one. With its stunning aerodynamic design lies its mammoth performance that unleashes its madness on road. An electric hypercar that features a futuristic design, and delivers crazy performance doesn’t come cheap. With a seven-figure price tag, this 1,180-hp electric hypercar combined with turbine power makes this Ariel an exotic machine. Let’s take a deep dive into what makes this electric hypercar one heck of a machine. Here are the 10 things you should know about the new Ariel Hipercar.

1. Redundant Design


The electric Hipercar doesn’t carry the same dimensions and broad appeal as the average supercars. The car features the length as the Volkswagen Golf at 4.3 meters but is considerably wide at 1,970 mm in width. Although the car doesn’t look wide but is taller than the Ferrari 296 GTB and the Lotus Evija. Without any conventional dimensions, the Ariel features a glass tilted back and a cab-forward design. It offers a different kind of package with its four electric motors paired with a jet engine. That’s right this beast comes with a jet engine paired with its electric motors. This is one of those things that makes this car one hell of a beast.

2. Jet Engine


Yes, this beast has a freaking Jet engine fitted inside its body. Just look at that beefy exhaust at the rear that shells out hot gas at high speeds. Ariel has designed the jet engine to power the car’s 56 kWh battery when the power goes down. The turbine engine may look insane but not that powerful as it produces only 34 bhp. The combination is similar to what Audi uses in its E-Tron Dakar, I mean that’s cool, isn’t it? The car uses the exhaust to shell out the hot gas like normal car exhausts. The car cools down the hot gases that come out of that exhaust to meet the regulations.

3. Aerodynamics & Airflow


The company wanted to build the Hipercar with an open and lightweight design philosophy like the Ariel Nomad and the Atom. It’s quite clever as both came with a closed cockpit design with doors but still, they looked different from average supercars. Ariel has designed the Hipercar to provide the best dynamics with its air-flowing design. The car features vertical front wings to make the drag coefficient as low as possible. From the front, side to the rear, the electric hypercar features all bits of aerodynamics to increase its speed further.

4. Rear Fins


Apart from that, the company has installed a permanent rear fin to further reduce the drag and more fluid airflow. The rear wing is not as giant as traditional sports cars for straight-line stability and increased downforce. The Ariel electric hypercar also features a huge rear diffuser as to further increase the downforce.

5. More Text


The Ariel Hipercar is not designed like the traditional supercars. It features several new things and features that most people might struggle to use. To help with that, the company has put letterings and texts all over the electric hypercar. Although it might feel overdue, it looks cool and a little bit needy as these features are new.

6. Its Got Fans


The jet engine and the huge exhaust wasn’t enough with the Hipercar that it features four cooling fans at the rear. The company may keep the rear fans in the production-spec model. We expect that the carmaker would make a safe so that it doesn’t attract injuries and people jabbing their fingers. It still looks like one of the coolest designs and how the company has designed it.

7. Interior


The Ariel Hipercar is still in its prototype stage, so don’t expect a fully finished interior from the car. It still offers a decent cockpit with a good and adjustable steering wheel with tilt and telescopic adjustments. The car’s battery is fitted below the car’s floor like conventional EVs. The company has managed to build an insane supercar and has made everything to prevent you from any distractions. We can’t see any touchscreen or any digital display inside the cabin. The car offers traditional switches and shifters to keep up with the sporty vibe.

8. Steering Wheel


From a sporty interior, the car’s steering wheel also reminds us of the aesthetic of the Hipercar. We don’t expect fully functional steering as the car is still in a production state. The steering reminds us of the Ferraris with their switches and knobs to control a different kinds of features. The steering offers several features for the turn signals, driving modes, headlight controls, etc.

9. Roof Controls


From the distinctive design to a freaking jet engine, the company has tried its best to make this Ariel Hipercarlike a Jet. Similar to the airplanes that have the controls on their roof panels, these electric hypercars offer that too. It is still useful rather than a gimmick by offering controls from gear selector to mirror. The question comes as to how will you remember your current car controls. This electric car is far from the average people’s hands with its insane set of features.

9. Lightweight Wheels


The Ariel Hipercar will come with lightweight carbon-fiber wheels to match with its carbon-fiber body. Currently, the car offers the standard wheels as it is still in the prototype stage. The Hipercar will feature four electric motors with an output of 1,180 hp. It will weigh around 1759 kg and offer a brilliant acceleration. Also Read: Top 10 Most Reliable Used Muscle Cars In 2023

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